Michelle Malkin Talks About Demographic Shift While Conservative Inc. Sleeps

Despite attacks from the Left and Conservatism Inc, Michelle Malkin has maintained her composure.

Malkin has made a name for herself by defending America First policies such as immigration restrictionism. She also went the extra mile by sticking up for the Groypers when most conservative organizations distanced themselves or even went out of their way to attack them.

When Pew Research released a report highlighting demographic changes taking across the nation, Malkin sounded off on Twitter.

She tweeted, “It’s okay to talk about these demographic shifts if you are @pewresearch, but if you are an #AmericaFirst nationalist, SPLC, Silicon Valley & ConInc are ready to defame and deplatform you at the drop of a MAGA hat!”

Pew highlights that from “2000 to 2018, 109 counties in 22 states, from California to Kansas to North Carolina, went from majority white to majority nonwhite – that is, counties where non-Hispanic whites are no longer the majority, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data.”

It also added similar points:

Overall, 293 U.S. counties were majority nonwhite in 2018. Most of these counties are concentrated in California, the South and on the East Coast, with few in the country’s middle section. In addition, several majority white counties with large populations may flip in coming years. Fairfax County, Virginia (total of 1.2 million), Pima County, Arizona (1 million), Milwaukee County, Wisconsin (948,000) and Cobb County, Georgia (757,000) all had populations that were less than 52% white.

As uncomfortable as these statistics may be, they’re critical in understanding the demographic transformation the U.S. has been going through since the passage of the 1965 Immigration Act. The fact remains that migrant populations have been a reliable voting bloc for the Democratic Party and will continue to be for the next few decades.

This would not only signify the end of the Republican Party, but ongoing waves of mass migration could potentially disrupt the national character of the country and its ability to maintain basic government functions if it’s not kept in check.

Throughout American history, immigration has taken place intermittently, with legislative or natural pauses put in place after certain immigration inflows.

This current migration wave will need to be curtailed, and that can be done by repealing birthright citizenship, ending chain migration, kicking out migrants who are public charges, strengthening border enforcement, and restricting pathways to citizenship.

These reforms, among others, need to be at the top of the Republican Party’s priority list heading into 2020.

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