Michelle Malkin Will Not Bow Down to the Political Establishment

Michelle Malkin is not apologizing to the fake news media.

Malkin set this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference on fire by taking the Republican establishment to task for their inaction on immigration.

During her speech, Malkin sparked controversy for going after “the ghost of John McCain.”

In a pathetic attempt to extract a political apology from Malkin, Fox News host Jesse Watters asked Malkin if she had any regrets about her McCain statement.

Malkin stood her ground and said, “Of course not. I think if you look at the full context of my remarks and, by the way, you can watch the whole speech in context, 20 minutes, on my website, you will see that what people were cheering.”

The commentator also made clear that she is aligned with the grassroots conservative movement rather than the Republican Party.

I’ve always had my heart in the place of the grassroots of the conservative movement, not the Republican Party.

Malkin then singled out the sellouts in the Republican Party:

The fact is that the ghost of John McCain and all of the other big business, Chamber of Commerce-type of Republicans that have been selling out the American people, that’s where the Republican Party needs to reconnect, and they can’t simply rely on the Democrat Party falling apart.

Naturally, the political lynch mob came after her.

McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain described Malkin’s speech as “ghoulish and deeply disturbed political propaganda.”

Milquetoast conservative CNN host S.E. Cupp took to Twitter to slam CPAC and label it as “a place for agitprop and mean-spirited garbage.”

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough joined the Malkin hate fest by denouncing the Malkin attack and declaring it “hellacious” and “inhumane”.

It seems that any time an individual brings up controversial policy matters like immigration, they get roasted by the political establishment.

Michelle Malkin is no exception to this rule.

Immigration is no laughing matter.

Both legal and illegal mass migration are putting the country’s social and political fabric at risk.

The threats of mass migration are no longer hypothetical. Europe is witnessing this firsthand with the rise No Go Zones and the creation of a new immigrant underclass that is putting their welfare states on the brink of collapse.

The U.S. political class can scoff at immigration critics all they want, but these disastrous policies affect the lives of millions of regular Americans that vote for them every election cycle.

It’s easy to talk about open borders from the porch of your posh mansion, but when you have to deal with the rising crime and the monolithically socialist voting base that these policies bring about, it’s a whole different ballgame.

It would behoove policy “experts” and the political class to wake up to these uncomfortable truths about mass migration.

If not, we can kiss America goodbye.


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