Michigan Community Rallies Around School Board Member Targeted by Left-Wing Mob for Pro-Trump Beliefs

A suburban community in Michigan is fighting back against the left-wing mob targeting a school board member over her pro-Trump beliefs.

Amy Facchinello, a member of the school board in Grand Blanc, Michigan, has been targeted by a digital lynch mob that has linked her with the anti-pedophilia QAnon movement, which has been blamed for the U.S. Capitol violence that occurred during the infamous Stop the Steal rally in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6.

Facchinello has been targeted by many fake news media hit pieces due to her pro-Trump beliefs, but she has refused to back down every step of the way.

“I never solicited this attention. Many of the people in this community are aware that I was very politically active. … It’s really no secret about my political leaning,” Facchinello said on Apr. 26.

“That (political) activity is what made me get over 10,000 votes from the members of this community. They wanted a seat at the table, so I am the seat at the table for them,” she added.

Left-wing forces in the area, including Black Lives Matter activists from nearby Flint, essentially want democracy to be overturned because they do not support Facchinello’s beliefs. A group of activists are pushing back against this attempted encroachment against the integrity of the voting process.

“At a time when our personal livelihoods are at stake for voicing our political opinions, it’s refreshing to see community leaders like Mrs. Facchinello stare collective bullying in the face and hold true to her conservative principles,” said David Rowe, a conservative activist in Genesee County who is organizing the protest.

Rowe and others will be rallying outside of Grand Blanc High School on Monday, May 24th, at 3PM to demonstrate their steadfast support for Facchinello.

“As a conservative and supporter of former President Trump, Mrs. Facchinello has recently come under personal attack for her political ideals. Her story has drawn national attention, sparking talks of a recall effort,” the description for the rally reads.

“What is Mrs. Facchinello’s alleged crime? Prior to holding a seat on the local school board she shared a handful of memes that allegedly originated from a “QAnon” Twitter handle. What is Mrs. Facchinello’s real crime? Fearlessly holding conservative values,” it continues.

The Left is attempting to destroy ordinary people who have heeded the call and are standing for their country during this time of great strife. The only way to stop cancel culture is for conservatives to possess the courage to stand with their own.

For more information on the upcoming event for Facchinello, the Facebook event page can be accessed here.