Michigan Democrat Election Clerk RECEIVES NO JAIL TIME for Election Rigging, Ballot Tampering Crimes

A Michigan Democrat election clerk has received no jail time after being found guilty of abusing her authority as clerk, rigging her election by tampering with ballots on election day.

Kathy Funk, former clerk of Flint Township, is being put under house arrest, forced to wear an electronic monitor and write a public apology after pleading no contest to the election tampering charges. She was found guilty of tampering with ballots to prevent a recount after narrowly winning her clerk election in 2020.

“I’m sure there’s a segment of the population that thinks you should be locked up for calling into question the integrity of an election,” Judge Mark Latchana said on Monday. “And if we had unlimited jail space, perhaps that’s true. But we don’t.”

After committing this fraud, Funk would be promoted to be elections supervisor for Genesee County. The man who promoted her, Genesee County Clerk-Register John Gleason, would go on to be charged with felony witness intimidation and misdemeanor willful neglect of duty, which involved the alleged harassment of two females in his office.

It should come as no surprise that Funk and Gleason were front and center in the cameras to deny the existence of election fraud in the aftermath of the criminal 2020 presidential election – well before any real investigations or serious inquiry could be conducted.

“My staff worked extremely hard on the election and balanced the number of ballots every day,” Funk said. “At the end, our counting board rechecked the numbers and counted each precinct. I’m confident in the integrity of our election and elections across the county.”

“There’s been a great deal of duress put on our staff and people that do our type of work across the state of Michigan about fraudulent activity,” said Genesee County Clerk John Gleason, who would go on to hire Funk as county election overseer even after she was widely suspected of committing voter fraud.

“That’s a hoax. That’s a witch hunt on well-meaning and very honest individuals. There’s no way in the world Kathy Funk or the other clerks would ever understand the results ahead of time to manipulate the outcome to favor one candidate over another,” he added.

The fact that Funk received no jail time for her crimes shows how lenient the system is on Democrats who commit blatant fraud. No wonder so many election officials are emboldened to steal elections to secure their preferred ideological outcome. They know that they will never be punished for their acts. This is the system of “democracy” that globalist elites love to defend publicly.

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