Michigan Freedom Caucus Leaders Rally Support of Lawsuit Opposing Transgender Bathroom Mandates

Members of the Michigan Freedom Caucus hosted a press conference on an important lawsuit in Vicksburg, a conservative town where transgender bathroom mandates are putting children’s safety at risk.

Michigan Freedom Caucus Chairman Steve Carra, Vice Chairman Matt Maddock, and member Jim DeSana stood outside of Vicksburg High School next to Richard Cutshaw, the parent who filed a lawsuit in August challenging bathroom policies at the public school that allow biological males to use the girls’ bathroom, and vice versa.

“We stand here today in support of all Michigan parents who deserve to have their daughters’ public restrooms protected from intrusion by boys,” said Rep. Desana.

“Let me say unequivocally today that girls’ public restrooms are for girls and girls only. There are only two genders: male and female. The right of a young girl to safely and comfortably use the public restroom should be protected in the state of Michigan in all school buildings and all public places,” Rep. DeSana added.

Rep. Maddock made the point that these bizarre bathroom edicts are meant to demoralize the public and condition them to support increasingly psychotic and depraved measures on the road to full-blown tyranny.

“You have to ask yourself: Why are they doing this? It’s not because they want a boy in the girls’ restroom. They are doing it to provoke every single one of you. They are doing it to taunt every single one of you. They are doing it to test every single one of you. They want to find out how far they can go. So are you going to step back or are each one of you going to step forward to fight this? That’s what it comes down to,” Rep. Maddock said, challenging people in attendance to run for school board and other elected positions to fight back against this insanity.

Rep. Carra explained how fighting against these sort of unconscionable policies is a leading civil rights issue of our day.

“When it’s our daughters and our parental rights, I think we need to look at the bigger picture. Look at what’s happening in our society, and we have a choice. And the fact that you all took the time to come out here and make the choice to stand up for our freedom, for our daughters’ freedom, for their privacy, for their ability to use the restrooms without being subjected to this type of circumstance, is one of the issues that we shouldn’t have to fight against, but we must,” Rep. Carra said.

The attorney behind the lawsuit, former Michigan Republican attorney general candidate Matthew DePerno, told Big League Politics that his challenge of the Vicksburg school district’s bathroom policies is centered around the fundamental issue of defending privacy rights.

“This case was filed to protect these brave girls’ right to privacy, to ensure they will be safe and secure from harassment by boys intruding into the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, and to address the school district’s clear violation of Title IX. In the coming months we will show that the school district has quietly but forcefully told the girl students to look the other way and not tell their parents about this policy that allows boys to use the girls’ restrooms and locker rooms in violation of the girls’ civil rights,” DePerno said.

Following the press conference, the dozens of attendees attended a school board meeting where many vocalized their concerns with the bathroom policies putting children needlessly at risk for the sake of political correctness and woke-ism.

The full press conference can be seen here:

The GiveSendGo to support this ongoing legal effort can be accessed at this link.

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