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Michigan GOP Leaders Order State Police to Keep Pro-Trump Electors Out of Capitol Building

They are Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s henchmen to enforce the steal.



Pro-Trump electors were blocked from entering the Michigan capitol building this afternoon, with GOP leadership working with reviled Governor Gretchen Whitmer to block them from the chamber.

Even though at least one Michigan lawmaker – state representative Matthew Maddock of Milford – arrived to accompany the pro-Trump electors, their civil rights were violated and they were kept out of the chamber by state police anyway.

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Earlier in the day, Republican leaders in the Michigan legislature made it clear that they were gung ho about enforcing the vote steal and doing the dirty work of Gov. Whitmer.

Republican house speaker Lee Chatfield of Levering issued a groveling, obsequious letter of submission stating that he opposes all efforts to draft pro-Trump electors:

Sources from inside the Michigan legislature have confirmed that it was in fact Republican leadership who deprived the pro-Trump electors of their rights and colluded with Democrats to enforce the steal:

It should come as no surprise that Republican leadership in Michigan is enforcing the steal considering it was a top House GOP attorney who certified the dubious vote last month, as Big League Politics has reported:

Earlier this week, Big League Politics reported on the cowardly Republicans on the state board of canvassers who signed off on a dubious vote even after dozens of conservative whistleblowers have come forth detailing a third-world gangster vote steal operation that occurred in the city of Detroit.

One Republican on the state board of canvassers, Norm Shinkle abstained from the vote, being too weak to actually oppose electoral impropriety. The other Republican on the state board of canvassers, Aaron Van Langevelde, actually voted with the Democrats to certify election results marred with improprieties and abnormalities.

“We have a clear legal duty to certify the results of the election, as shown by the returns that were given to us,” Van Langevelde said. “We cannot and should not go beyond that. As John Adams once said, ‘We are a government of laws, not men.’”

“This board needs to adhere to that principle and do its part to uphold the rule of law here today. This board must uphold the law and comply with our legal duty to certify this election,” he added.

Van Langevelde received a great deal of support from the liberal media. He also received the backing of the House Republican leadership in the state, who will keep him employed in his cushy role with the party for going along with the façade.

“Aaron has been a very valued member of this team and will continue to be next session,” said Republican Speaker-elect Jason Wentworth of Farwell.

Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield of Clarklake praised Van Langevelde’s betrayal as a great example of “America at work.”

“As we have been saying consistently for weeks, the Legislature will uphold the law and respect this result as it works to improve the process for next time,” Chatfield said.

Van Langevelde works as a policy adviser and deputy legal counsel for the Michigan House Republican Policy Office. He was effectively carrying out policy from his GOP establishment masters when he joined Democrats to betray his oath of office earlier this week.

President Trump’s fight for electoral integrity is forcing the swamp rats to expose themselves to the public. The consequences could be dire for these co-conspirators who have sold their souls and disgraced their heroic ancestors when it mattered most.


Dr. Kelli Ward Reelected to a Second Term as Arizona Republican Party Chair

Ward received the full endorsement of President Trump.



Dr. Kelli Ward was re-elected to a second term as the chair of the Arizona Republican Party on Saturday, with precinct committeemen and women narrowly voting to keep Ward in place. The physician and former Arizona State Senator had the benefit of President Donald Trump’s endorsement.

Ward narrowly won reelection 51.5% to 48.5% in a runoff election, defeating challenger Sergio Arellano. Arellano congratulated Ward on her victory and pledged to work on behalf of Arizona Republicans for victory in the 2022 midterm election.

The last two election cycles have proven difficult for Arizona Republicans. The state’s Republican Party, once dominated by establishment operatives loyal to Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, has faced renewed competition in a once-reliably red state with a rapidly changing demographic and population model. Ward took over from Jonathan Lines after the 2018 election.

Republican Martha McSally was appointed to a Senate seat by Governor Doug Ducey, even after losing the Senate 2018 election to Kyrsten Sinema. McSally was again defeated by Mark Kelly in the 2020 election, giving the state two Democratic Senators. Some have speculated that President Donald Trump would’ve secured a narrow victory in Arizona in the 2020 election with a winning Senate candidate, having run ahead of McSally by tens of thousands of votes. However, Republicans have maintained majorities in both chambers of the state legislature.

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Ducey, Jeff Flake, and Cindy McCain were censured by Arizona Republican Party precinct captains at the yearly state meeting. The latter two campaigned vociferously for Democrat Joe Biden in the 2020 election, largely eschewing any loyalty to the Republican Party in favor of the establishment Democrat politician.

Arizona is now primed to conduct its third US Senate election in as many election cycles, with Republicans receiving a second chance to defeat Mark Kelly, who is finishing since-deceased Senator John McCain’s 2016 term. Republicans such as Andy Biggs of the House Freedom Caucus, Debbie Lesko, and Matt Salmon have been suggested as Senate candidates in an election where the party will have an opportunity to regain its footing in the purple state.

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