Michigan GOP Leaders Work to Prevent Conservative Lawmakers From Seating Pro-Trump Electors

Michigan Republican Party leaders are standing in the way of principled conservatives in the legislature hoping to seat a slate of pro-Trump electors to combat the vote steal in the state.

State representative Gary Eisen (R-St. Clair) has been yanked from his committee assignments by Republican state house leadership after going public about the plan and saying that violence could come as a result of the fallout from Republican lawmakers doing the right thing.

“No. I don’t know. Because what we’re doing today is uncharted. It hasn’t been done. And it’s not me who’s doing it…it’s the Michigan Republican Party,” Eisen said about the possibility of violence in the Capitol.

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey (R-Clarkville) has shut down the Capitol, using COVID-19 and the potential of violence as an excuse. Eisen believes that this is abdicating the duty of the legislature and another example of extreme cowardice by Republican leadership.

“So they’re going to lock us out of our offices, they’re going to lock us out of the Capitol,” Eisen said.

“How convenient is that, when they’re going to sit electors today, so that we can’t support our options. Whether it was true or not, we don’t know,” he added.

House Speaker Lee Chatfield (R-Levering) is receiving the blame from grassroots activists in Michigan who are enraged by this betrayal:


Chatfield’s office has made it abundantly clear that they intend to go along with the vote steal and plan to help Michigan Democrats get away with their illicit electoral heist.

“The speakers position has not changed. Michigan will follow the law and allocate the state’s electors to the candidate who won the most votes,” Chatfield spokesman Giden D’Assandro said.

Chatfield released a statement of unconditional surrender to Democrats earlier today:


Big League Politics reported on how it was a top Republican attorney in the state house who voted to certify the dubious vote in Michigan last month even before the many voter fraud whistleblowers could share their testimony at the hearing:

Earlier this week, Big League Politics reported on the cowardly Republicans on the state board of canvassers who signed off on a dubious vote even after dozens of conservative whistleblowers have come forth detailing a third-world gangster vote steal operation that occurred in the city of Detroit.

One Republican on the state board of canvassers, Norm Shinkle abstained from the vote, being too weak to actually oppose electoral impropriety. The other Republican on the state board of canvassers, Aaron Van Langevelde, actually voted with the Democrats to certify election results marred with improprieties and abnormalities.

“We have a clear legal duty to certify the results of the election, as shown by the returns that were given to us,” Van Langevelde said. “We cannot and should not go beyond that. As John Adams once said, ‘We are a government of laws, not men.’”

“This board needs to adhere to that principle and do its part to uphold the rule of law here today. This board must uphold the law and comply with our legal duty to certify this election,” he added.

Van Langevelde received a great deal of support from the liberal media. He also received the backing of the House Republican leadership in the state, who will keep him employed in his cushy role with the party for going along with the façade.

“Aaron has been a very valued member of this team and will continue to be next session,” said Republican Speaker-elect Jason Wentworth of Farwell.

Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield of Clarklake praised Van Langevelde’s betrayal as a great example of “America at work.”

“As we have been saying consistently for weeks, the Legislature will uphold the law and respect this result as it works to improve the process for next time,” Chatfield said.

Van Langevelde works as a policy adviser and deputy legal counsel for the Michigan House Republican Policy Office. He was effectively carrying out policy from his GOP establishment masters when he joined Democrats to betray his oath of office earlier this week.

It has never been easier to see who the RINOs and traitors are than ever before, and the Michigan Republican Party seems to be chocked full of them.

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