Michigan GOP Senate Leader Who Blasted Trump ‘Doesn’t Give a S***’ about Being Censured by His Own Constituents

Michigan state senator Mike Shirkey (R-Clarkville) “doesn’t have a sh*t” that he was censored by his own Hillsdale County constituents last week after a tense meeting at a local diner.

Shirkey made the remark during the Hillsdale County Republican Party executive committee meeting where he was ultimately censured by an overwhelming 14-5 vote. He endured anger from die-hard Republicans who loathe Shirkey for rolling over to Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer so frequently over the past year.

“I don’t give a sh*t. … I don’t care,” Shirkey said.

County party secretary Jon Smith called Shirkey a “liar,” and county party chair Dare Wisely told Shirkey that “we’re not going to go along to get along. We’re done with it, Mike,” which prompted a rude response from Shirkey.

Shirkey said: “If you want to bully, go ahead and bully.” 

Wisely quipped in return: “I call you a pussy if you call me a bully.”

Shirkey received the censure after throwing President Donald Trump under the bus following the mostly peaceful protest that happened in and around the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, but that is far from his only crime against liberty.

Hillsdale County Republicans also listed the following intolerable acts that Shirkey has perpetrated on Michigan as a justification for his censure:

  • Open support of the termination of the electoral college, one of the most important checks and balances that protect our Republic from democratic mob rule.

  • Complete and utter surrender to Governor Gretchen Whitmer in regards to her unconscionable and unconstitutional shutdown of small businesses.

  • Abusing our taxpayer dollars to manipulate elections by creating paid political positions to help his protégées and heir apparent garner electoral advantages.

  • The condemnation of peaceful protesters at the Capital, publicly declaring them “a bunch of jackasses.”

  • Proclaiming those who peacefully exercise their right to open carry at the Capitol should be “handcuffed, finger printed, and given a long-standing photo they can frame at home.”

  • Actively working against patriotic candidates in a district he does not live in.

  • Refusal to hold Governor Gretchen Whitmer accountable for boldly disobeying a Michigan Supreme Court decision.

  • Working openly behind the scenes to repeal and terminate Michigan’s Constitutionally passed and enacted term limits laws for the State Legislature.

Grassroots Republican leaders are not taking the excuses from their RINO party leaders any longer. Weak leaders like Shirkey are on the outs as the GOP is remade into the America First party of Trump at every level of government.

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