Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Poses with Black Supremacy Group Who Called for Execution of Cops

Whitmer Poses with Supremacy Group

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who constantly played the victim during her phony kidnapping scandal, recently posed for a photo op next to a black supremacy group that is rooting for the execution of cops.

Whitmer posed next to the chief of staff of the Royal Black Panther Party of Grand Rapids. This black supremacy terror group has been especially active in recent days, leading riots in the streets of Grand Rapids in honor of dead thug Patrick Lloya, a violent felon who was killed in police custody while resisting arrest.

West Michigan Politics blogger and media consultant Brandon Hall pointed out in a Facebook post that the Royal Black Panther Party of Grand Rapids posted a message encouraging the execution of law enforcement officers back in February.

“Every cop should randomly have their house raided by a SWAT team at 3am once or twice a year,” the post stated.

“If they react anything other than perfectly, it’s an immediate execution,” the vile post continued. “That way there aren’t any double standards.”

Andy Ngo of The Post Millennial has reported on recent terror displays in Grand Rapids by the soulless ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter mob waging war against civilization, decency and the rule of law:

Whitmer Poses with Supremacy Group

Whitmer Poses with Supremacy Group-

Big League Politics reported on Whitmer’s genocidal nursing home policies during the COVID-19 lockdown as the tyrant issued cruel and lonely death sentences to the most vulnerable:

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer recently paid off a former health director who was intimately involved in crafting COVID-19 policy housing patients with elderly folks in nursing homes and causing countless deaths.

Whitmer abruptly and unexpectedly paid off former state health department director Robert Gordon a bounty of $155,506 in which he signed a non-disclosure agreement of sorts. Critics are calling this a hush money payment in a desperate attempt to protect Whitmer from a criminal probe.

Additionally, Gordon assisted in operations at the absentee ballot processing center in Detroit and helped to institute a Gestapo-style regime at the TCF Center, where observers seeking to watch ballot counting were greeted with blocked-out windows. He was instrumental in the scheme to exploit the COVID-19 scamdemic to allow suspect mail-in ballots delivered at the dead of night with no accountability to be processed without poll challengers present.

If anyone knows where Whitmer’s bodies are buried so to speak, it is Gordon. After quietly resigning in January, Gordon negotiated the large payout through his attorney, Mark Totten. He signed a four-page agreement with the state on Feb. 22.

“In response to any inquiries from prospective employers, employer will state that employee voluntarily resigned,” the agreement states.

Whitmer is fomenting extremism in her state with her toxic brand of Democrat politics. She needs to be ousted from office and then criminally prosecuted for her crimes against humanity.

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Whitmer Poses with Supremacy Group

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