Michigan Law Enforcement Officials Are Concerned About Dangers of “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Enforcement

Law enforcement officials in Michigan are beginning to question the viability of enforcing red flag gun confiscation orders. According to independent media outlet Bridge Michigan, Robert Stevenson, executive director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police,  is worried about how police will enforce Michigan’s new red flag law, which goes into effect in the spring of 2024. Stevenson drew out several situations in which this gun grab could create lethal risks.

Bridge Michigan noted the following potentially lethal scenarios that Stevenson put forward:

What happens if the person with the order tries to hurt the officers? What if the person who was deemed suicidal becomes overwhelmed and still poses harm to themselves when their guns are being seized? What if the individual with an order has to be detained by force or even be killed, due to the threat they pose?

Red flag gun confiscation orders have become a favorite measure of the anti-gun Left. These laws grant judges the power to issue gun bans and confiscation orders when a petition is able to demonstrate another individual’s alleged threat to themselves or others. 

Frankly, this a recipe for all sorts of disaster, with law enforcement potentially being placed in deadly situations against gun owners who may not be aware of the alleged crimes they’ve been charged for. Moreover, red flag laws are a complete violation of due process rights and grant the government more power to infringe on gun rights. 

Red flag laws are becoming the standard in blue states or states drifting towards the blue column like Michigan. Per Guns & Ammo magazine’s 2022 rankings for best states for gun owners, Michigan was ranked in 25th place, further indicating that the state leaves a lot to be desired as far as gun policy is concerned. 

With Democrat Gretchen Whitmer occupying the Governor’s Mansion and Democrats controlling both chambers of the state legislature — House (56-54) and Senate (20-18), the state could continue moving into the anti-gun column. 

The only way to stop this gun control drift is for gun owners in the state to rise up and put Gun Control Inc in check through the election of pro-gun elected officials and the subsequent passage of gun control repeals and proactive, pro-gun reforms such as Constitutional Carry.

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