Michigan Prosecutor Memo Hidden From the Public for Years Recommended No Charges for Trump Electors

A Democrat prosecutor in Michigan recommended no charges for the Trump electors who have now been charged with multiple felonies for opposing the stolen election in 2020.

Andrew Stevens, who served as assistant prosecutor in leftist Ingham County at the time, stated that he believed the move was a “political stunt” but did not constitute any sort of a criminal act.

“Based on the current evidence, I question whether we can sustain our burden of proof on this element,” Stevens wrote. “They were holding themselves out to be something they were not, so it may be assumed that they intended to defraud or cheat.”

“Based on my review of the evidence and legal authority, I do not recommend authorizing charges against the 16 Republican candidates for electors,” he added.

Detroit News reporter Craig Mauger noted that this memo was hidden from the public for years as Democrats attempted to influence public opinion against the Trump electors:

Big League Politics has reported on how Michigan Freedom Caucus members are speaking out against the evil overreach meant to chill any opposition to election fraud that is in the works for 2024:

Members of the Michigan Freedom Caucus are speaking out on behalf of the patriotic Trump electors who opposed voter fraud in 2020 and refused to go along with the coronation of illegitimate figurehead Joe Biden.

Michigan state representatives Rachelle Smit (R-Martin) and Neil Friske (R-Charlevoix) issued press releases promoting the innocence of the electors who are facing unprecedented political persecution by the overreaching Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel. Nessel has charged the Trump electors with multiple felonies that could put them away in prison for decades if they are found guilty.

“I was an election clerk before entering the legislature, and I’m very familiar with the administration of our elections. What the Trump electors did in 2020 was completely legal, completely valid, and anticipating that there would be an honest investigation into Michigan voter fraud,” Smit said.

“Dana Nessel is sending her message loud and clear: If you are openly conservative and speak out against the system, she will use the state to rip you away from your family and crack down on your political allies,” Friske said…

Democrats are willing to destroy the rule of law in order to steal another national election in 2024. The American people must rise up and say no more.”

This miscarriage of justice must not stand. For information on giving donations to the legal defense funds of these brave Trump electors, go to this link.

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