Michigan Republican Board of Canvasser Who Certified 2020 Fraud Election is Hired by Democrat AG Dana Nessel

Attorney Aaron Van Langevelde, a House Republican staffer and former Republican member of the State Board of Canvassers in Michigan, has been hired by the office of Democrat Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Van Langevelde, while serving as the Republican nominee for the State Board of Canvassers, voted to certify the 2020 fraud election, which riled up the hundreds of whistleblowers who witnessed the steal take place first hand. He now works for Nessel, who has targeted the civil liberties of Republicans and regularly abused her power to attack the rights of her political opposition.

“On Wednesday, [Van Langevelde] appeared with Ms. Nessel during a presentation to the House Judiciary Committee. He is a senior attorney with the Department of Attorney General,” the Michigan legislative reporting service, Gongwer reported last week.

Big League Politics reported on Van Langevelde’s crimes against the constitution at the time of when he sold his soul and voted to certify the fraud election in 2020:

The Michigan board of canvassers decided by a 3-0 vote on Monday to certify the state’s election results, even as Democrats admit that the Detroit results are incongruent under state law.

The Democrats made the case during the hearing that abnormalities must be accepted in the city of Detroit, because to hold the city accountable would be racist and hurt democracy.

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