Michigan Republican Female Leaders Honored with ‘Courage Under Fire’ Awards

The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan (RWFM) held their “Courage Under Fire” awards on Thursday where dozens of top conservative activists throughout the state have been honored.

Recipients of the award included 81-year-old Trump elector Rose Rook, Michigan Freedom Caucus members Reps. Rachel Smit and Angela Rigas, Michigan GOP Chair Kristina Karamo, Michigan GOP Co-Chair Malinda Pago, former Michigan GOP Co-Chair and Trump elector Meshawn Maddock, Oakland County Republican Party executive director Amber Harris, and many other brave female leaders who are active across the state.

“These ladies inspire others with their strength and grit as well as their grace… Days such as these require fortitude of femininity wrapped in faith dressed with destiny, and we are ready for the fight ahead,” said RWFM President Robyn Peake.

RWFM leaders made it clear that this event was meant to bring together different factions of the conservative grassroots. RWFM 1st Vice Chair Cindi Holland made it clear that the organization is intent on uniting people around common principles, rather than just mindlessly supporting Republicans because they are on the ballot regardless of their merits.

“When I talk about unity, what I mean is if you love this country and want to take the state of Michigan back, we have to unite in the grassroots,” Holland said.

“We cannot alienate people. If we alienate people, we make our movement smaller, and we are not going to win anything. If we unite around our common principles, we can defeat the Democrats and take our state back,” she continued.

The state of Michigan has been taken over by Democrats with the conservative grassroots plagued by infighting and division in recent years, with fractures intensified by the immense amount of election fraud that happened during the 2020 presidential election. The RWFM is on the forefront of rebuilding the America First movement and pulling Michigan back from the abyss before the state completely falls to socialism and despair.

“We may have some minor differences. We should be setting those minor differences aside and working together where we agree. I don’t care who you are. If you are fighting to save this country, I will be right there with you,” said Holland.

At the event, RWFM President Robyn Peake spoke about the organization’s rich history, going back to being at the forefront of the fight for women’s suffrage in Michigan. More information about the RWFM can be found at http://rwfm.info

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