Michigan Secretary of State Calls for Citizen Snitches to Report Election Fraud Coverage as ‘Misinformation’

The Michigan Department of State is attacking the independent media and calling documented reports of voter fraud “misinformation” on Twitter.

The official Michigan Secretary of State account responded to a Gateway Pundit article featuring a video of an election worker instructing volunteers to ignore abnormalities with ballots and continue counting them despite their potentially fraudulent nature. The @MichSoS account claimed the story was “misinformation” despite the video being described accurately. They are asking for snitches to report other “misinformation” to the government as well.

The post can be seen here:

The state of Michigan has been particularly aggressive when it comes to enforcing the vote steal, instituting a regime of terror against whistleblowers who have given first-hand testimony and public officials with the authority to push back against electoral fraud.

Big League Politics reported on LGBT attorney general Dana Nessel threatening whistleblowers with jail time if her goons determine their testimony does not conform with the official narrative:

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel has issued an ominous threat to whistleblowers against electoral fraud in her state: Shut up, or potentially be prosecuted.

She responded to former state senator Patrick Colbeck’s whistleblower testimony. Colbeck was on the floor as tens of thousands of mystery ballots were delivered to the absentee voter counting board in Detroit on election night.

Nessel made the comment that whistleblowers may be prosecuted for a crime if they come forward to authorities. Colbeck has not gone to Nessel, who has threatened to prosecute Republican leaders who refuse to certify the fraudulent vote before an investigation, with his first-hand testimony.

“I can confirm that Patrick Colbeck has never made a complaint of election fraud to the Michigan Dept of Attorney General. If he had, we would have fully investigated said claim,” she wrote in tweet.

“Colbeck’s assertions aside, intentionally making a false claim of criminal activity to law enforcement is itself a crime. It’s been my experience that is often the reason certain reports are not made,” she added.

However, Colbeck has signed a sworn affidavit under the penalty of perjury attesting to rule-breaking and other forms of fraud committed by inner-city riggers in Detroit on election night. The fake news media, Democrat Party hacks, liberal activist judges, and other establishment co-conspirators have attempted to dismiss sworn affidavits in order to excuse the immense corruption that happened during the vote.

Colbeck is one of the hundreds of whistleblowers who are being ignored in the psychotic rush to coronate Biden as president following third-world style election mayhem.

Democrats are eliminating the pretense that the government is supposed to represent the people. They intend to replace the Bill of Rights and Constitution with a Soviet-style regime enforced by Big Brother technology, and Michigan is at the forefront of this emerging dystopia.

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