MICHIGAN STATE: $10 Masks For Whites, Free For Minorities

It looks like we’ll be doing reparations in the meantime through mask sales!

A newly published article by the The Morning Watch, a small conservative newsletter at Michigan State University, has gone viral after they captured a pure and stunning example of anti-White racism that happens too often on campuses across the nation. The article documents a stand in the middle of Brody Hall Cafeteria, with a stock of masks and gloves to be given out. In front of the stand is a sign that reads: ‘Free masks and gloves for MINORITIES ONLY!! $10 per item for White People!!‘ Behind the desk, an eager and masked up student of color sat, waiting to partake in monetary and direct racism against white students.

Sergei Kelley, editor in-chief of The Morning Watch, identified the woman behind the stand as MSU Student MeAnna Durham. According to Durham, her stand was a social experiment for a class to show how COVID-19 has disproportionately affected minorities as opposed to white people: My class is Experimental Design. My whole project is stems from the topic ‘civil rights’. To get deeper into such a broad topic, my group member and I narrowed it down to the question ‘How has the pandemic affected minorities and disabled persons and how can we remedy these effects?'”


MeAnna Durham has also made several comments on Twitter, but after being called out for her racial discrimination has since made her Twitter account private. A saved screenshot of one of her statements can be found below:

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According to Durham, she aspired to “demonstrate how minorities and disabled persons have been negatively impacted by the pandemic versus other groups. I wanted to reverse the privilege,” however, many folks at MSU are not having it, and her stand even sparked an angry thread on Michigan State’s Official Reddit.

But Durham has brought the outrage on herself, saying she wanted to “reverse the privilege” invokes the belief that she wants to install a society of non-white supremacy over whites. MeAnna Durham and her actions are troubling, but not at all surprising. Similar to Arizona State, MSU has a history of anti-white apartheidism and hypocrisy discriminating against white students. Much of the leftist hypocrisy by the college and student groups can be found on The Morning Watch’s site and Twitter.

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