Michigan State Police Drops Investigation Into Detroit Lawmaker Who Ordered BLM ‘Soldiers’ to Attack Trump Supporters

State representative Cynthia A. Johnson (D-Detroit) will not be prosecuted after she ordered gang retaliation against President Trump’s supporters in a social media video.

The Michigan State Police have announced that because her threat did not target any specific person that she will not be prosecuted.

“MSP has reviewed the online statement made by Representative Johnson and find that it does not contain a direct threat against any specific individual. Therefore, it is our belief that it is not in the purview of law enforcement,“ said Lt. Brian Oleksyk, who works as First District PIO for the Michigan State Police.

Johnson’s comments can be seen here:


Big League Politics reported last week on how Johnson wants to stage show trials for President Trump’s supporters, similar to what happened in South Africa shortly before that nation became the rape and murder capital of the world:

During Wednesday night’s monumental hearing to expose vote fraud in the Michigan House Oversight Committee, one lawmaker stood out as being particularly reprehensible and belligerent: Democrat state representative Cynthia Johnson of Detroit…

Johnson has a long history of being a psychotic far-left activist. She has even endorsed the idea of doing show trials in which conservatives are forced to defenestrate themselves before Democrat tribunals to atone the sin of supporting President Donald Trump.

Her tweet supporting the idea has been archived here:

Johnson has demonstrated how corrupt and nasty public officials in Detroit are. She has shown through her classless behavior that it is not farfetched that these dastardly Democrats could have stolen the vote in America’s worst city.

Johnson has attempted to claim that she is the victim because of alleged angry voicemails that she received after harassing vote fraud whistleblowers and attempting to dox them at a legislative hearing last week.

However, Johnson did not respond to a question from Big League Politics about whether or not she filed a police report because of the alleged threatening calls. Without a police report, this could very well be another Jussie Smollett or Bubba Wallace con job to use the complicit fake news media to turn a left-wing villain into a sympathetic figure with a bogus hate hoax.

Johnson was stripped of her committee seats by Republican state house leadership on Wednesday.


Johnson is showing the world exactly what Detroit has to offer. With individuals such as her governing over the city, it is easy to understand how a third-world style vote heist was orchestrated there on election night.

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