Michigan Trump Electors Demand Dismissal of Felony Charges After Attorney General Dana Nessel Admits No Intent of Fraud

Dana Nessel, candidate for state attorney general, speaks to 14th District Delegates at the 2018 State Endorsement Convention of the Michigan Democratic Party at Cobo Center, Sunday, April 15, 2018, in Detroit. Michigan Democrats endorsed Nessel on Sunday in a hotly contested race for state attorney general, backing the former prosecutor’s bid to wrest back control of an office the party last won 20 years ago. (Todd McInturf/Detroit News via AP)

Two Michigan Trump electors are demanding that a court dismiss the felony charges levied against them by radical leftist Attorney General Dana Nessel after she admitted that the electors had no intent to commit fraud and were acting in their sincere belief that Trump won the election.

Nessel stuck her foot in her mouth during a video cast with liberal groups where she undermined the case she has prepared against 16 Michigan Republicans who submitted an alternate slate of electors in the chance that fraud allegations in the 2020 presidential elections were investigated and the initial results were overturned.

“People talk a lot about, oh, why don’t you start flipping some of those people so that they can become witnesses against the remaining defendants, the worst-acting defendants?” Nessel said. “The problem is, these are people who have been brainwashed.”

She added, “how do you flip someone who concedes that they did everything that they’re accused of doing, but what they say is, ‘we believe that we were in the right. We think that Donald Trump is the real winner of the election’ … They really legit believe that. They genuinely believe it. Somebody can’t even plead guilty if they wanted to, because they can’t admit that what they did violated the law, because they still think they’re right.”

In response to Nessel’s statements that prove her partisan hackery and malicious prosecution against her political opposition, attorneys for Trump electors Cliff Frost and Mary-Ann Henry are demanding an immediate dismissal of all charges.

“Convictions would require proof that (Henry) intended by her actions to defraud,” Henry’s attorney stated, adding that Nessel’s goons “now claim that (Henry) believed Donald Trump won the election. If she had that belief, (Henry’s) alleged actions could not have been performed with the intent to cheat or deceive anyone.”

“Given that the AG stated that she knows (Frost) and the other fifteen Republican electors ‘think that Donald Trump is the real winner of the election’ and that ‘they legit believe that,’ then (Frost) did not possess the specific criminal intent to cheat nor deceive as required by the statues,” Frost’s lawyer wrote in the dismissal motion.

Former federal prosecutor Shan Wu, who supports the witch hunt against the Trump electors, admitted that Nessel made a huge mistake by “insulting defendants” in an “inappropriate” manner.

“It undermines the validity of her prosecution theory,” Wu said. “If you think these people are brainwashed, then they didn’t have the right state of mind and couldn’t form the criminal intent to break the law, because they were being brainwashed by others.”

Patriots can contribute to the legal defense fund for these brave Trump electors by clicking here.

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