Michigan Union Worker Dumps Biden, Endorses Trump Live on CNN In Response to Ukraine Hoax

A Michigan union auto worker devastated CNN’s official narrative in a segment on the network Saturday, explaining that the Democrats’ latest impeachment hoax had convinced him to switch his support to President Donald Trump from Joe Biden.

John Scantze is a Michigan automobile manufacturing worker taking part in the union strikes against outsourcing, poor wages, and the devastation of the state’s middle class economy by corporate oligarchs and multinational corporations such as General Motors.

Unions members sometimes tend to trend left on economic policy, but their positions in support of American workers have long since been abandoned by the Democratic Party, which now stands in league with the massive globo-corporations that profit from mass immigration, outsourcing, and automation.

CNN interviewed some of the United Auto Workers striking General Motors’ treatment of its workers. They can’t have been pleased when Scantze explained the latest Ukraine impeachment hoax cemented his support for President Donald Trump, switching support from Joe Biden.

Scantze had voted for President Trump in 2016, but became disillusioned at some point and considered supporting Biden. He explained that he sees impeachment as nothing more than an empty stunt based upon Democrats’ personal dislike of the President, and a distraction from real issues facing American society such as the plight of Michigan’s auto workers, a topic that goes largely ignored as Democrats focus on irrelevant nonsense.

Watch the segment here:

President Trump has made considerable inroads in gaining support from America’s union workers as a candidate and President. Scantze’s remarks show he still has the potential to gain support from even more blue-collar union workers as Democrats largely ignore the issues facing them.

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