MICK: Democrats Are Just Trying To Protect Nancy Pelosi’s Speakership

President Donald Trump’s acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney — whose recent appointment kicked off a new era of the White House acting on its America First objectives — said that the president could be in this government shutdown “for the long haul.”

Mulvaney made it clear to reporters outside the White House that Senate Democrats led by Chuck Schumer would probably be willing to play ball, but Nancy Pelosi, 78, is keeping the government shut down because if she gives Trump the border wall then she would lose her speakership.

Here’s what Mulvaney told reporters after Congress adjourned until December 31 following a less than seven-minute session while the President cancels all his holiday plans and stays in the White House to govern the country:

I wrote Saturday:

President Donald Trump keeps working for the American people during the government shutdown over Border Wall funding, racking up a feverish string of accomplishments while the frightened and confused Democrats hide out at their vacation spots.

Congress may be adjourned until December 31 — following a less than seven-minute session Thursday — but President Trump is basically singlehandedly running the United States like Bugs Bunny playing baseball in the classic cartoon (below). His head-to-head conflict with Chuck Schumer seems to have inspired him, and the results have been awesome.

Since the government shut down, Trump turned around a Federal Reserve-engineered stock market crash, awarded a 115-mile building contract for the Wall, ended the war in Syria, replaced his duplicitous Defense Secretary, threatened to close the Southern border, trolled Barack Obama on Twitter, cut off foreign aid to three countries, and paid a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq.

And all the media could do was snitch on the troops for having MAGA hats and complain about First Lady Melania’s Timberland boots (Chuck Schumer’s mother is also said to wear Army boots, albeit in a much less fashionable manner).

Nancy Pelosi, meanwhile, was spotted at a five-star Hawaii resort. Perhaps she can commiserate with John Kerry, who is battling to keep French migrants off his private beach.

Trump is basically unstoppable in this standoff because his supporters don’t care if the government is shut down, and in fact many of them are pretty happy about it. CNN is starting to realize that their concerns — like the paycheck plight of “non-essential” government employees — are not shared by the American public because the American public hates CNN.


Trump is obviously not plunging the nation into “chaos,” as Cryin’ Chuck claimed. The Democrats are reaching a crucial tipping point: there is nothing they can say now to convince most Americans that they are actually fighting for the American people in this shutdown. Everybody knows that they are just doing the bidding of George Soros and other globalists who want to wreck the United States out of an ideological and financial craving for a one-world totalitarian government.

Saving America is a much more attractive option, according to America.

Here is Bugs Bunny playing all of the positions, much like our President:

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