Mick Mulvaney OUT As White House Chief of Staff After Immigration Sellout, Mark Meadows In

President Trump announced that acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney would be replaced by Republican Congressman Mark Meadows in a Friday night tweet, a development that immigration hawks have sought since the latter appeared to embrace globalist immigration policies.


Mulvaney had been the acting Chief of Staff at the beginning of 2019, filling the role for far longer than one would expect for an interim official in the position.

Mulvaney drew the ire of leading immigration hawks- among them primetime Fox host Tucker Carlson– when he bizarrely claimed the United States was “desperate” for buffed levels of legal immigration at a private address to an audience of western political elites in England. Such claims surprised Trump supporters, who expect to see such policy proposals from notorious anti-Trumpers such as Charles Koch, George Soros, and Paul Singer.

Administration officials proceeded to push back behind the scenes in light of his February remarks, which damaged the Trump administration’s image among its most loyal supporters. White House economic policy advisor Larry Kudlow implicitly rebuked Mulvaney’s business-first immigration policy during CPAC, explaining that the first and foremost obligation of federal economic policy as it pertains to immigration lies with American workers.

The departure of Mulvaney had been rumored after the Washington Post reported upon his immigration policy betrayal. Sources indicated that he had been looking for a landing with a prestigious Washington D.C conservative think tank. He’ll instead shift to the role of special envoy to Northern Ireland.


There’s reason to believe that Mark Meadows will be a far preferable alternative to Mulvaney on immigration policy, possessing a strong track record on the subject matter throughout his career as a member of Congress representing North Carolina.

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