Mick Mulvaney’s Neville Chamberlain Moment: Does Not Fully Commit To Closing Border

Chief of staff Mick Mulvaney did not provide a full 100 percent commitment that the Trump White House plans to close the southern border in response to the migrant caravan invasion of the American homeland.

Mulvaney, the former South Carolina congressman, must realize how dire the situation is. ¬†And yet, the Republican administration official said on a Sunday show that “something dramatic” could happen that could convince President Donald Trump not to fully close the border.

With the national emergency option already activated, one wonders what could happen on the understaffed border that would convince the commander in chief not to act immediately.

Way to go, Mulvaney!

The recent movie “Darkest Hour” provided an interesting perspective on Winston Churchill’s battles against the conservative establishment, as represented by historical Do-Nothing Quisling Neville Chamberlain.

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