Microsoft Inserts Establishment News Filter Into Web Browser

Microsoft has installed a new news filter into its Edge mobile web browser, which provides users with uninvited assessments of the credibility of various news outlets. Predictably, the scoring of Microsoft’s filter is heavily biased towards establishment and legacy media outlets.

Microsoft’s filter, called “Newsguard,” assigns a “red,” or unreliable, scoring to several outlets that present a conservative or anti-establishment perspective. Some platforms it deems to be dangerous to Edge users include Breitbart, the Daily Mail and Drudge Report.

All of these platforms are widely popular and well read, with the Daily Mail being the third-highest circulating digital news outlet in the United Kingdom, and the Drudge Report serving as the most widely viewed news aggregator in the United States for at least a decade.

Wikileaks is also given a red scoring for supposed unreliability, despite never releasing inauthentic documents and serving as a neutral political accountability platform.

Ironically, some of the outlets given a “green” or credible scoring by Microsoft’s Edge filter have a track record of spreading some of the infamous fake news stories in recent memory. Buzzfeed was laughably assessed as credible- despite getting busted promoting a totally fake conspiracy theory about President Trump instructing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about his plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Microsoft’s news filter extension- hoisted upon the browser without any input from users requesting its implementation- represents the latest attempt from big technology companies to control and siphon the political content viewed by its consumers. No longer do companies such as Microsoft seek to offer a service to people as their defining mission, instead opting to create an environment where their behavior can be controlled by small teams of centrally-located corporate authoritarians.

Leading neoconservatives and career establishment foreign policy operatives such as Deep State-linked former CIA Director Michael Hayden are said to have played a role in the design and implementation of Microsoft’s new news filter, according to a report by Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari.

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