Remember the Caravan? Leader Faces 15 Years in Prison for Child Rape

Caravan Leader Convicted Child Rape

One of the leaders behind the latest migrant caravan to depart from Central America has been arrested by local authorities, who discovered he had been convicted of raping his child cousin, and had been fleeing justice.

Honduran media reports that migrant caravan coordinator Juan Carlos Molina was arrested by Honduran Border Police after they realized he matched the description they had for a man convicted of child rape in 2015.

Molina either did not carry identification with him, or carried fake paperwork, causing the police to fingerprint him and discover that he was a convicted child predator meant to be serving 15 years in prison.

The man was able to be convicted while remaining a fugitive due to the fact that the victim, his minor cousin, produced a child from the assault who shares his DNA.

Honduras’s La Tribuna reported:

The Criminal Enforcement Court of the Judicial Section of San Pedro Sula confirmed that the detainee is a convicted person and was a fugitive from justice. He faces 15 years in prison. The court issued the arrest warrant on August 31, 2015.

On April 23, 2015, Chamber 5 of the Sentencing Court sentenced Juan Carlos Molina, who was found to be criminally liable for the crime of special violation against a minor and was found to be civilly liable to respond with compensation for the moral damages caused to the victim.

According to the facts, in September 2010, when the child under 12 was in the house, at night, she left the door ajar for her mother to enter and who arrived was Juan Carlos Molina, who took advantage of the minor, who was his cousin, covering his mouth raped her.

Big League Politics has followed the progress of the latest caravan to depart from Central America since its inception. We now know that the caravan is being encouraged by an organization that receives money from globalist financier George Soros, and that Congress has received information suggesting terrorists may have embedded themselves in the latest caravan.

Tensions at the U.S.-Mexico border continue to mount, as Democrats seek to deny President Donald J. Trump the ability to construct a wall of steel or concrete to stem the tide of violent crime coming across the border. Just last week, a pile of 20 or more corpses was found near the border, justifying Americans’ increasing desire to see the wall constructed.

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