Mike Cernovich Assaulted At Anti-Trump Rally In Austin, Texas

Mike Cernovich, Twitter
Mike Cernovich, Twitter

Nationalist writer Mike Cernovich was assaulted Saturday at an anti-Trump rally in Austin, Texas.

Cernovich was pushed and shoved by a swarm of profane left-wing demonstrators after declaring repeatedly that “Bill Clinton is a rapist.” The idea that Clinton is a rapist — proven by the words of Kathleen Willey and others — became a rallying cry for Donald Trump supporters during the bitter campaign against Hillary Clinton, but it still greatly agitates members of the Left.

Cernovich took what he called a “self defense measure” against one of his assailants, which resulted in a bloodied hand. The agitator, according to available video evidence, struck the nationalist writer first.


Chaos erupted in different locations around the country Saturday, with violent incidents at pro- and anti-Trump rallies, including a demonstration in Berkeley, California. National anti-Trump protests were coordinated for Saturday by the Left, while some Trump supporters staged a #KeepBannon rally outside the White House gates in defense of nationalist White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

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