Mike Cernovich Assaulted At Anti-Trump Rally In Austin, Texas

Mike Cernovich, Twitter
Mike Cernovich, Twitter

Nationalist writer Mike Cernovich was assaulted Saturday at an anti-Trump rally in Austin, Texas.

Cernovich was pushed and shoved by a swarm of profane left-wing demonstrators after declaring repeatedly that “Bill Clinton is a rapist.” The idea that Clinton is a rapist — proven by the words of Kathleen Willey and others — became a rallying cry for Donald Trump supporters during the bitter campaign against Hillary Clinton, but it still greatly agitates members of the Left.

Cernovich took what he called a “self defense measure” against one of his assailants, which resulted in a bloodied hand. The agitator, according to available video evidence, struck the nationalist writer first.

Chaos erupted in different locations around the country Saturday, with violent incidents at pro- and anti-Trump rallies, including a demonstration in Berkeley, California. National anti-Trump protests were coordinated for Saturday by the Left, while some Trump supporters staged a #KeepBannon rally outside the White House gates in defense of nationalist White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.


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  1. Isn’t this a case of conflict by employment of conflict? I don’t know any of these types of protests going on anywhere today until your article claiming some. It seems to be a church these libtards go to, because I never hear of these apparently parish-particular events, yet a “sane” person is crashing their events, only to become a martyr? I don’t need martyrs; I need winners.

  2. The left has normalized political violence and intimidation of Trump supporters.

    The establishment media ignores it; the police are told to stand down so that paid ANTI-FA thugs can assault and pepper spray rallygoers. Democrat Party officials are literally working to get Trump supporters hurt.

    Only when the right DEFENDS ITSELF through reasonable self-defense measures does the establishment media actually cover the violence, and they try to pin the blame on the people defending themselves after being viciously abused for MONTHS in places like San Jose, Los Angeles, and Chicago.