Mike Pompeo Calls for the United States to Continue Supporting Ukraine 

After the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut fell to Russian forces this past weekend, the corporate media has been trying to downplay this development. For weeks, the regime of President Volodymyr Zelensky had been sending large amounts of Ukrainian forces to reinforce the city, which the Ukrainian government views as a key strategic point.   

However, that narrative has changed as the Western press tries to cope with Ukraine’s dwindling prospects for winning this war. 

One thing is certain: The DC Blob wants to continue prosecuting the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. For example, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has recently called for continued military aid to Ukraine. 

In a tweet posted on March 6, 2023, Pompeo proclaimed: 

Vladimir Putin should not be underestimated. He wants to do the American people harm.

Which is why helping Ukraine is in our interest.

Pompeo represents the neocon wing of the DC Blob and is a seasoned super hawk that is looking to beef with Eurasian players such as China, Iran, and Russia. Looking back, bringing Pompeo on board his administration was one of Donald Trump’s biggest mistakes. Pompeo is a consummate hawk. As BLP previously reported, Pompeo laid out in a speech at the Hudson Institute a vision for dual containment against China and Russia — a colossally dangerous proposition.

The former Secretary of State is rumored to be running in the 2024 presidential election cycle. His candidacy would undoubtedly be used to bring back neoconservatism into the GOP fold. For a realist/non-interventionist foreign policy vision to take hold in the GOP, candidates like Pompeo must be categorically rejected.

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