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Mike Pompeo RIPS Bolton For “Outright Falsehoods” In Book: “Traitor”

The Secretary of State didn’t hold back on the turncoat.



Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a scathing press release responding to claims made by fired White House National Security Advisor John Bolton in his new book, calling the disgruntled former administration official a “traitor.”

Among a set of other sensational claims Trump administration officials have pointed to as little more than puerile gossip from an attention-seeking turncoat, Bolton had claimed that Pompeo was secretly opposed to President Trump. The longtime neoconservative and ultra-hawkish political operative had claimed that Pompeo passed a note to Bolton during an international conference with North Korea calling President Trump “full of s***.”

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President Trump himself has declined to hold back on Bolton, who is making the rounds as a newly invented liberal talk show personality after being drummed out of the Trump administration. Bolton’s routine advocacy of new Middle East wars had never fit in concisely with President Trump’s America First foreign policy vision, and the President has been keen to point it out in response to Bolton’s convenient criticism.

It was only a matter of time until a committed neoconservative such as Bolton, who originally served in the Bush administration, took his place on the Left and abandoned any pretense of support for the President in return for lucrative book deals and cable news appearances on MSNBC. Other Republicans have taken Bolton to task for his warmongering advocacy, questioning why President Trump even hired such an unreliable advisor to begin with.

In light of Bolton’s realignment to the establishment left, the Trump administration must carefully reconsider personnel hirings of discredited foreign policy “experts.”

Big League National Security

NEW: Joe Biden Bashes Incoming Trump Administration In Leaked 2016 Call to President of Ukraine

Completely inappropriate.



Joe Biden speaks in critical and partisan terms of the incoming Trump administration in a new leaked call to the President of Ukraine unveiled Wednesday.

In the call, conducted in November 2016 a week after then-candidate Trump’s election victory, Biden bashes the incoming administration to the foreign leader, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Biden assails the Trump transition team as incompetent, turning down the idea of visiting the country before the January transition before Trump is “fully briefed” on matters related to Ukraine.

In a second call, Biden asks for Poroshenko to describe his conversations with incoming President Trump, going to to speak of Trump in more dismissive terms. He describes Trump as a “dog who caught the car, and who doesn’t know what to do.” Not quite a “dog-faced pony soldier,” but definitely not an appropriate way for an outgoing vice president to describe an incoming president to a foreign leader.

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A Ukrainian comedian originally released the calls, suggesting questionable operational security within the conversations of Joe Biden and Poroshenko. Biden has a lengthy history of ethical questions regarding his relationship with Ukraine, including looking the other way as his son Hunter secured an extremely lucrative position at a Ukrainian oil company without any experience whatsoever in the energy industry.

Biden himself would later go on to demand the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating corruption allegations against the younger Biden, a clear conflict of interest Biden merely dismissed when he spoke openly of securing the prosecutor’s firing at a Council on Foreign Relations public event.

This is a totally inappropriate way for a Vice President to speak to a foreign leader, and the public should be concerned about how Biden plans to conduct diplomacy should he be elected President.

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