Millions in California Lose Power as State Infrastructure Approaches Third World Status

Nearly a million people in Northern California lost power to their homes on Wednesday after the state’s largest electrical utility turned off service hoping to avoid liability for a potential wildfire.

800,000 people were left in the dark after Pacific Gas and Electric intentionally turned off service in advance of hard and dry winds. The company was hoping to avoid being held liable for more devastating wildfires after being forced into bankruptcy as a result of previous electrical wildfires, an occurrence some blame on the company’s refusal to invest in upgraded infrastructure.

The state’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, refused to take any responsibility in typical fashion when responding to outrage over the power outages on Friday. He blamed PG&E, claiming the bankrupt company’s greed motivated the intentional shutoff.

In any case, the system is clearly failing; and the elites who rule the nation’s most economically unequal state don’t appear to have any solution ready to go.

Power was mostly restored by Friday, but 84,000 people were still without power as of the beginning of the weekend.

Reports indicate that one man who was dependent on an oxygen system at home died as a result of the blackouts. Robert Mardis was found dead by El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputies after a 911 call when his oxygen machine shut down.

California’s infrastructure has shown its weakness in recent years, resulting in blackouts that some have compared to the poor state of electrical infrastructure in third world countries.

In other news, California is suffering from massive price-gouging from gas companies, costing the state’s motorists twice as much to fuel their cars as citizens of other states.

Sadly, it appears the progressive utopia envisioned by the state’s political elite is increasingly resembling a tragic nightmare for the ordinary, everyday working-class citizens of the once-Golden State.

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