Milo is Bootstrapping a Relaunch By Selling His Old Stuff

Milo Throne Chair For Sale

More Milo merchandise is available for fans to purchase as the conservative dynamo plans his relaunch later this year.

Milo Yiannopoulos is in the process of relocating and restructuring to relaunch his independent operations later this year, and multiple pieces of Milo memorabilia have been put on the market at the same time. Earlier this week, leftists ran with the idea of Yiannopoulos needing money on Twitter, showing the Instagram post where Milo offered a canvas print of himself for sale.

Days later, Milo would add a unique $32,000 Balmain jacket to the list of items for sale, noting that it was the outfit worn by him during the release of his first book, “Dangerous.”

Now, the red Queen Ann style throne chair previously used for Yiannopoulos’s studio set is available on eBay, with the description exclaiming “Now you can own Milo’s own throne chair used on the set of the Milo show!” and noting its proportions.

The throne chair has a reserve price of $1,400, and can be bought outright for $5,000.

Yiannopoulos has repeatedly foreshadowed a new project or relaunch over the last several months, and it appears he may be accruing the capital he needs for such an endeavor by selling some of the memorabilia and unique fashion items that helped him frequent headlines in 2015 and 2016.

The beleaguered online personality has been castigated and demonized repeatedly in the media, first after he left Breitbart when his comments relating to the abuse he suffered as a young boy came forward, and then last year when journalists claimed one of his jokes on Instagram resulted in the shooting of a Maryland news room.

Big League Politics reported:

Conservative superstar Milo Yiannopoulos has announced over Instagram that he is suing the New York Observer for libel. The Observer ran a headline based on his response to a media request where he joked about “vigilante squads gunning down journalists” that made it seem as though he was encouraging violence, specifically causing Thursday’s shooting in Maryland that left five dead.

Milo spoke exclusively to Big League Politics explaining his reasoning for the lawsuit.

“The New York Observer and its reporter Davis Richardson knowingly and maliciously cooked up a hysterical frenzy, presenting a dumb private remark as a ‘threat’ or ‘incitement,’” Milo stated. “The only people making a fuss about hurting journalists this week were other journalists, and they did so knowing they were spreading dangerous falsehoods. The Observer and their reporter are directly responsible for the 250,000 tweets today accusing me of complicity in the deaths of five people, and they are going to pay for their malicious libel.”


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