Minister Doxxes Church Member For Supporting Kavanaugh

On September 20, during the heat of the battle over confirming Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a minister doxxed a member of his church for supporting Kavanaugh.

“This man attends my church and is one of the commenters on the status,” said Reverend Rob Lee on Twitter. Rob Lee claims to be a “collateral descendant” of Robert E. Lee, and recently criticized President Trump for supposedly saying kind things about the historic general.

Lee attached a screenshot of a comment from a Facebook user, who disagreed with the suggestion that the FBI should investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s claims, apparently committing the sin of wrong-think:

Then, a plot twist.

According to Lee’s Twitter account, another Twitter user found Lee’s phone number and called him, for which Lee freaked out. The user did not dox Lee by posting his phone number online and calling for his harassment, but Lee apparently was not pleased with a small dose of his own medicine.

“One of you twitter trolls found my number and called me. The audacity you must have to threaten me because we disagree. The police have been notified. Why??? Peace to you all, we are better than this. Peace to you all,” he said.

He proceeded to whine about the controversy for the rest of the day.

“To all you who have publicly shamed me, called me names, and made me feel worthless today: My parents always taught me that our lineage does not define us. It is our response to it that does. More than that, I pity you that you would take the time to try and hurt me,” he Tweeted.

The modern term for this is “cry-bullying,” a common leftist tactic, and it is truly cringeworthy.

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