Minneapolis Public Schools Will Host ‘Gender Resource Fair’ to Promote Drugging and Mutilating Children

Minneapolis Public Schools are hosting a “gender resource fair” featuring a drag queen story hour event and a doctor who will speak on the importance of “supporting young transgender children.”

Loring Elementary, which teaches kids from preschool to the 5th grade, will be hosting the event on April 13. They are urging parents to bring their “gender creative young ones” to the event where they can be indoctrinated into a satanic lifestyle that includes chemical castration and the mutilation of their sexual organs.

A flier for the event can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how Minnesota is on its way to becoming a sanctuary state for “gender-affirming care,” meaning children can be taken to the state to be drugged and mutilated without regulations, with a transgender state representative pushing these policies:

Transgender Minnesota state representative Leigh Finke struggled to define the term “gender-affirming health care” while defending legislation that would allow kids to receive “gender-affirming health care” without any restrictions in their state.

Finke has introduced legislation that would make Minnesota a sanctuary state for “gender-affirming health care” for children across the country, meaning that kids could be brought across state lines to be chemically castrated with puberty blockers and then have their genitals mutilated. Their purity and innocence would be sacrificed on the altar of LGBT perversion.

When Finke was pressed on what the specifics of “gender-affirming health care” actually means, the transgender state rep appeared to not even understand the concept – or perhaps Finke  wasobfuscating because they do not want the public to become aware of the Mengelean atrocities they are pushing.

“Representative Finke, are any of the drugs that are prescribed to children also given – and by drugs, I mean hormone therapies or “puberty blockers” – are any of them prescribed to children, are they also given to violent sex offenders with the purpose of chemically castrating the violent sex offender?” asked Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson, a Republican.

“I have no idea,” Rep. Finke responded.

“The answer is yes,” Rep. Franson stated definitively…

What is being pushed under the euphemism of “gender-affirming care” is in actuality institutionalized child abuse. Anyone involved in this demonic practice should be jailed or worse.”

This has gone way too far. It is time for Christians to form well-regulated militias in order to defend decency and virtue against this organized institutional movement to abuse children. Christian Nationalism is the only answer.

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