Minnesota Continues Attacking Young Adults’ Right to Carry Firearms

Earlier this month, the Second Amendment Foundation and its partners in a federal lawsuit taking on Minnesota’s prohibition on firearms carry by young adults have submitted a response brief to the state’s appeal of SAF’s victory in the courts. The case is known as Worth v. Harrington.

SAF has teamed up with the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, Firearms Policy Coalition, and three young adults, Austin Dye, Axel Anderson, and Kristin Worth to follow through with this lawsuit.

This case was originally filed in June 2021 and is currently in front of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

The question that this case deals with is whether Minnesota’s prohibition on firearms carry by young adults ages 18 to 20 infringes on the Second Amendment.

Earlier in 2023, US District Judge Kathleen Menendez issued a ruling that the Minnesota law bars young adults from acquiring carry permits is unconstitutional in nature.

“The state is stubbornly clinging to the unconstitutional law, and our response is quite clear,” declared SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “We expect to win again at the Appeals Court level.”

“Judge Menendez made the right call in this case almost five months ago,” agreed SAF Executive Director Adam Kraut. “We remind the court that the Second Amendment refers to a right ‘of the people’ without mentioning age, and certainly young adults fall within the definition of ‘the people’ ever since they’ve been allowed to vote, and generations before that when they were considered part of the militia, and have been accepted into the military.”

On top of that, SAF’s brief informs the court that the Second Amendment is applicable to all Americans, which was set forth in the landmark 2008 Heller ruling and stressed yet again in the Bruen ruling in 2022.

Minnesota is quickly becoming an anti-gun bastion. It’s currently ranked in 38th place per Guns & Ammo best states for gun owners rankings, a position that will likely change for the worst as the state becomes bluer in the years to come. 

Unless there’s significant pushback against Gun Control Inc’s agenda in Minnesota, the state will just become another rabidly anti-gun, blue jurisdiction.

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