Minnesota Democrat Governor Blames Minneapolis Race Riots on White Supremacists

Minnesota’s Democratic Governor Tim Walz made a wild accusation relating to the Minneapolis race riots on Friday night, claiming that that he suspected “white supremacists” were instigating the chaos.

The governor also blamed drug cartels for allegedly instigating the riots, without explaining why and how the international criminal groups could’ve orchestrated the crowds of thousands of people committing crimes of arson and vandalism.

Walz went on to admit the state and local response to the riots had been an “abject failure,” an assessment that seems wholly unreflective as to what officials are ultimately responsible for the state response to the riots.

Neither the governor or his office have yet to provide any evidence for their shocking claim, which appears wholly unsubstantiated. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety later went on to claim that reports of supposed white supremacist involvement “have been confirmed,” but admitting that the law enforcement agency itself hasn’t confirmed them.


Walz would go on to openly admit that the state doesn’t want to arrest the riotous criminals causing extensive damage to the city of Minneapolis, evenly as he acknowledged that they were damaging and stealing the vehicles and cargo loads of working-class truck drivers.


Since when does a statewide law enforcement agency make such a dramatic claim on the mere basis of secondhand reports from unnamed entities, that they haven’t verified themselves?

The weak lie, intended to appease the political left and provide an excuse for the rampant destruction and criminality on display throughout the city, is little more than the latest dereliction of duty from Minnesota’s government. Reports indicated that Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey actively ordered the Minnesota National Guard deployed to the city to withdraw from vital riot zones, leaving the force unclear as to the purposes of their presence.

Weak leadership.

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