Minnesota Leftists Rally In Support Of Migrant Invasion

Minnesota bleeding heart liberals held a rally in Minneapolis on Friday in support of the migrant invasion from Central America that the Fake News media is referring to as a “migrant caravan” or “refugee caravan.”

Local Minnesota media marketed the rally as follows:

“We reject Trump’s vilification of immigrants as dangerous rapists and murderers. We want all migrants to know that we welcome them with open arms to our community.” “We call on Minnesotans to join us as we declare: ‘Refugees are welcome here! No troops at the border! No human being is illegal!’”

Protesters were seen holding signs and marching demanding the federal government remove the military from the border, abandon any plans to build a wall along the Southern border, and expressed their support for welcoming all 7,000 illegals, despite the fact that many individuals in the “caravan” are violent convicted criminals

These people–many of them illegal aliens themselves free to protest in the Twin Sanctuary Cities (now Sanctuary State), allowed Minnesota citizens, including women, children and veterans to sleep outside on the sidewalks of the Harbor Lights Shelter in Minneapolis and the Dorothy Day Center in Saint Paul as well as Native Americans who had no other choice than to set up a tent city in Minneapolis since Somali immigrants in Minnesota are being prioritized above American citizens when it comes to resources.

The Refugee Resettlement Program has been a disaster for the State of Minnesota as importing overwhelming numbers of Somalis and illegals has fundamentally transformed Minnesota into the most dangerous state in America for children. 

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