Minnesota Private College Renames Carl Linnaeus Building Because of “Scientific Racism”

Last week, Gustavus Adolphus College, a private college in Minnesota, renamed its arboretum that commemorated the legacy of Carl Linnaeus. Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist who has received sharp criticism for his classifications of humans along racial lines.

The popular arboretum was previously known as the “Linnaeus Arboretum” since 1988. The arboretum honored the legacy of Linnaeus, who coined a classification system that divided living organisms into animal, mineral, and plant kingdoms. 

In recent times, Linnaeus has been attacked for his book “Systema Naturae”, which was published in 1735. According to The Associated Press,  Linnaeus’ book “classified four varieties of human, largely based on skin color and geography, which became the basis for scientific racism.”

School officials announced the decision to change the arboretum’s name at Gustavus Adolphus College on October 12, 2021

“Gustavus has historically sought to build an inclusive and just community,” declared Scott Anderson, chairman of the college’s board of trustees. “In recent years, and especially since George Floyd’s murder, we have strengthened our efforts to pay attention to underrepresented voices and discovered how painful Linnaeus’ name and legacy are for some of our students and visitors.”

The arboretum has been renamed “The Arboretum at Gustavus Adolphus College.”

Yet again, we see another case of an institution wiping out European history. The death of George Floyd appears to be a watershed moment in American history. From that point forward, institutions — private and public —have worked diligently to carry out the cultural Left’s agenda of eradicating legacy American culture and its European counterparty.

This insanity won’t stop until European history is completely erased from the public square. The Right needs to make defending European heritage one of their core issues because the very cultural foundations of our country are at stake. 

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