MINNEXODUS: Manufacturer to Leave Minneapolis After City Officials Refused to Protect His Business

Kris Wyrobek, president and owner of 7-Sigma Inc., will be moving his business out of Minneapolis, Minn. after over thirty years of the business employing people in the city.

“They don’t care about my business,” Wyrobek said of the city council, which has done nothing to protect residents of the city amidst race riots and destruction. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.”

Wyrobek noted that his plant shut down four hours early on the night the riots began out of safety concerns for their employers. The plant was located nearby the $30 million Midtown Corner affordable housing complex that was set on fire by the enemies of civilization. Their facility was not burned to the ground, but the damages were crippling nevertheless.

“The fire engine was just sitting there,” Wyrobek said, “but they wouldn’t do anything.”

Gov. Tim Walz noted that the city’s response to the riots was an “abject failure,” and eventually the National Guard was called into restore order. Damages to the city tally upwards of $55 million, and the city’s soy-boy Mayor Jacob Frey is begging for a federal bailout to clean up his mess.

“George Floyd moved to Minneapolis for a fresh start,” Frey said. “In honoring his memory and generations of black people who have been victimized before him, we will rebuild as a stronger, more equitable and more inclusive city.”

7-Sigma will not be sticking around to deal with Frey’s supposed fix. They are among the nation’s leaders in manufacturing precision rollers that are needed for high-speed printing systems that are used to print social security checks and bank statements. Their departure will mean a loss of about 50 jobs for the city.

“We are cautiously optimistic we can do that,” Wyrobek said about the prospects of re-opening. “But we are certainly not able to do that in Minneapolis.”

Many more businesses will likely be making the same decision that Wyrobek has made in the near future, with Minneapolis announcing their intention to disband law enforcement in the city:

A veto-proof majority of nine Minneapolis City Councillors appear to have endorsed the full abolition of the Minneapolis Police Department, making it likely that the city will soon proceed with a radical social experiment in which a major American city will go without law enforcement .

Jeremiah Ellison, a Minneapolis City Councillor and the son of left-wing pro-ANTIFA Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, was among the first of the city councilors to stand behind the full abolition of the city police department. Lisa Bender, the President of the City Council, followed shortly after, moving the proposal towards political reality.

The Appeal reported that nine members of the city council signed onto a pledge that endorses the disbanding of the police department on Sunday. The amount of councilors who have signed will place the initiative beyond the possibility of a mayor’s veto.

Bender stated on Sunday that the council’s plan to abolish the police department will “end policing as we know it, and to recreate systems of public safety that actually keep us safe.” It’s still unclear exactly what the Minneapolis Council’s replacement for the existing law enforcement system will look like, and the possibilities range from little more than a PR-friendly rebrand of the Minneapolis Police Department to an unprecedented social experiment in which de facto militias will step in the void of previous civilian law enforcement.

The city of Minneapolis will look like Detroit before long, except maybe even worse considering the influx of third-world Somalians clustered in the city.