Minority America First Leaders Identify Corporate Libertarianism as Biggest Threat to the GOP’s Survival

Vince Dao of the American Populist Union and Albert Turkington of Republicans for National Renewal recently appeared on Big League Politics Live where they called out corporate libertarianism as the top threat to the America First revival that is ongoing within the Republican Party.

Dao and Turkington explained that they were libertarians themselves at different points of their lives but now see the ills of the ideology for running interference on behalf of the radical leftist takeover of society.

“The single thing I can’t stand the most is this dogma that whenever the Left…uses every facet of governmental power to achieve their goals, as they should. This dogma that conservatives shouldn’t do the same…that makes conservatism ultimately ineffective,” Dao said.

“Essentially, when you think about it, it makes conservatism always have to be controlled opposition in America and nothing more because while the Left is just pushing their agenda and doing what they want to do, we by nature of our “ideology” can’t do what we want to do, that will destroy us more than anything,” he added.

Turkington, a former libertarian student organizer, agreed with Dao’s points completely from his years of experience understanding the tendencies of these ideologues and their stubborn unwillingness to act to defend their principles.

“The libertarian, at least the Beltway libertarians, are the ones I feel most let down by,” he said, adding that libertarians these days are “too pozzed up on cocaine and ketamine” to even explain the basic economics behind their beliefs.

Turkington explained the social pressure he received from intransigent libertarians who have blocked him on social media platforms because he dared to question the holy dogma of market absolutism.

“What if we were fated to lose if we kept sticking to our principles and if the other side just did all it took to win?” Turkington said, repeating the question that has stayed in his mind from arguing with libertarians. 

“If that is the case and sticking to your principles mean that you cannot win, they cease to be principles and become untenable moral precepts, and it’s like the zeroth rule, not even the first rule, the zeroth rule of politics is you got to win because if you don’t win, you cannot implemented these high-minded principles,” he added.

Even though Turkington still thinks that libertarian principles embodied by the Mises Institute are worthwhile, he believes their political strategy is wholly ineffective at accomplishing anything other than holding the Right back from victory.

“The only things that they can ever hope to get mainstream politics on board with is all of their nonsense social degenerate stuff, of course now the latest one will be to legalize sex work now that marijuana is so commonplace. I am not looking forward to what they have in store unfortunately,” he said, adding that these moral reprobates desperately need prayer.

The full BLP Live episode can be seen here:

Dao’s video blogs can be accessed here, and the American Populist Union’s official website is populistunion.com. Turkington’s podcasts can be accessed here, and the official website for Republicans for National Renewal is rnrenewal.org.

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