Mississippi Senate Race: McDaniel Ranked ‘Conservative,’ Hyde-Smith ‘Moderate’

A nonpartisan political ranking website has compiled results for the candidates for U.S. Senate in Mississippi, and one candidate stood out among the rest as a true conservative.

“We collect up votes, excerpts from speeches, press releases, and so on, which are related to each question. Each of these are shown on the candidate’s VoteMatch table,” according to OnTheIssues.org. “We assign an individual score for each item on the list. The scores can be: Strongly Favor, Favor, Neutral/Mixed, Oppose, Strongly Oppose. ”

The site then compiles the scores and places the candidates into a political category.

State Sen. Chris McDaniel fell into the category of “Right Conservative,” while his two main opponents fell into the “Moderate” category.

McDaniel’s “Republican” opponent, former Democrat Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS) is a moderate, according to the site.

Hyde-Smith, an appointed Senator and Republican establishment acolyte, received almost the exact same score as the leading Democrat in Mississippi’s November special election, former Rep. Mike Espy:

The site’s scoring is consistent with Hyde-Smith’s record of being a Democrat masked as a Republican. In fact, she was a registered Democrat until she switched parties to run for statewide office in 2011.

Big League Politics reported:

A former Democrat who switched parties in 2011 and voted for Hillary R. Clinton in 2008 is running to keep the U.S. Senate seat to which she was appointed in April.

“No one should be surprised that Cindy Hyde-Smith voted for Hillary Clinton,” said Tanner Smith, spokesman for conservative populist candidate Chris McDaniel, who is Hyde-Smith’s primary opponent. “She voted exclusively in Democratic primaries before opportunistically switching parties to run for statewide office in 2011. Why wouldn’t she have voted for Hillary? Thankfully, Mississippians have an opportunity to right this wrong in November by electing Chris McDaniel, the only lifelong Republican and true conservative in the race.”

Further, Hyde-Smith has accepted huge amounts of cash from leftists, including a $250,000 donation from Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker, founder of Napster. McDaniel has called on Hyde-Smith to return the money, which she has not.

Tainting her record further, Hyde-Smith has also pushed for gun control, worked for a lobbying firm that pushed for Obamacare, and has been dead silent on the issue of border security, failing to declare her support for President Donald J. Trump’s border wall.

Big League Politics reported:

An appointed U.S. Senator from Mississippi who filled the seat of retired Sen. Thad Cochran and claims to be a Republican, once sought permission to randomly search fairgoers for guns during her tenure as State Commissioner of Agriculture.

“Your letter requests our office’s opinion on the following issues:” wrote the Mississippi Attorney General’s office in response to Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s request. “Can the MFC and the Department prohibit the carrying of weapons, concealed or not concealed, on the Mississippi State Fairgrounds Complex and at properties of the Department, including but not limited to the Mississippi Farmers’ Market and the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum, by posting signage prohibiting the carrying of a weapon?”

“You also ask our opinion about other procedures that might be deemed to be random searches of individuals entering the gates at the State Fairgrounds Complex,” the letter says. The issue is only answerable by reference to federal law and cases construing the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.”

No wonder Hyde-Smith falls into the “moderate’ category.

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