Missouri Attorney Attorney General is Investigating a CCP-Connected “Service Center” in the State

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is in the process of investigating a so-called “service center” in his state. This alleged CCP outpost is operated by a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intelligence service, per a report by the Daily Caller. 

The United Front Work Department (UFWD), a Chinese “intelligence service” that focuses on “coordinating [foreign and domestic] influence operations,” runs Overseas Chinese Service Centers (OCSCs) in at least 7 US cities, according to a report by the Daily Caller. These outposts were allegedly launched between 2014 and 2017, the 7 US OCSC branches are located in cities such as San Francisco, St. Paul, St. Louis, Omaha, Charlotte, Houston, and Salt Lake City, per Chinese state media reports. 

Bailey sent a letter to Missouri State Representative Ann Wagner on June 28, 2023 letting her know that his office would “immediately investigate this matter.”

“The information you have shared with my office about a possible CCP outpost within the borders of Missouri is deeply concerning and will receive the full attention of my office,” Bailey said to Wagner on June 28. “The threat posed by the CCP is very real.”

On a prior occasion, Wagner informed Bailey’s office about the OCSC branch operating in St. Louis. In that instance, Wagner told the Daily Caller that the US “must put a stop” to all CCP efforts to “gain a foothold in America.”

The Chinese Education and Culture Center in St. Louis hosts the OCSC in Missouri and was set up in 2017, per Chinese state-run media. 

Indeed, China is fighting an unconventional form of warfare here. With the US trying to militarily contain China in East Asia, the Chinese have responded in kind by exploiting flaws in the US’s immigration system and embedding its assets across the country — from universities to major corporations. This allows China to accelerate its economic and military growth, while slowly destabilizing the US from within without even having to fire a shot.

If the US were serious about confronting China in a productive manner, it would restrict immigration from there and fully decouple from trade with it. These alternatives are far more preferable than engaging in a direct military confrontation with China.

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