Missouri Attorney General Files Brief Seeking Dismissal of Charges Against McCloskeys

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt announced that he would file a brief supporting the dismissal of felony weapons charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey on Monday, just hours after Soros-funded Saint Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner announced she was charging the couple with felony unlawful use of a weapon.


Enough is enough. As Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer, I will not stand by as Missouri law is being ignored. That’s why I’m entering this case, and seeking the dismissal of this case- to protect the rights of Missourians, to defend themselves and their property under Missouri’s Castle Doctrine. A political prosecution such as this one would have a chilling effect on Missourians’ exercising their right to self defense. The law in Missouri is clear, and must be protected.

The brief Schmitt filed in the case cited that ‘the right to use firearms to defend one’s person, family, home, and property has deep roots in Missouri law‘ in defense of the McCloskeys.

While Schmitt’s brief doesn’t serve to dismiss the criminal charges against the McCloskeys outright, it largely guarantees that any litigation in Missouri appeals court would overturn any conviction of the couple.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has also predicted that the McCloskeys will be pardoned in the event of any conviction, either by himself or President Donald Trump.

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