Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Believes Democrats Want Chaos At The Southern Border

On May 12, 2023,  Missouri Senator Josh Hawley declared that the Biden regime is planning to “collapse the immigration system” on purpose and that “they want the chaos” at the border.

“I think the plan is exactly what you’re seeing, they want the chaos,” Hawley said to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, continuing “The plan is to try to collapse our immigration system completely, collapse the courts collapse the asylum process, overrun the border.”

“That is the plan. That’s what they want. They want the chaos,” Hawley stressed, continuing “If you thought the fentanyl problem in this country is bad. You thought it was bad in my state, where it’s the number one cause of death in the state of Missouri for young people. Just wait because they are about to turn it on full throttle.”

The Missouri Senator added, “The drugs that will come across this border, the crime that will come across this border, the danger to our families and our communities, it’s going to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen in terms of border crossings in our country’s history.”

“It already is, and they haven’t even lifted title 42 yet,” Hawley observed, adding “They want the immigration system to collapse because the Democrat Party’s base now flies around and jets and conferences in Davos and are a bunch of globalists who want to drive down the price of labor in America.”

“They want to drive down wages for blue-collar workers in America. They want to do the bidding of the global multinationals. That’s who runs the Democrat Party today,” Hawley proclaimed.

Hawley is right on the mark here. The Democratic Party is the part of globalism and the great replacement, so its leaders will do everything possible to keep the mass migration floodgates open. This serves the multi-pronged function of demographically destroying the Historic American Nation while lining the pockets of the Democratic Party’s fat cat donor class who benefits handsomely from cheap labor that mass migration brings about.

In order to restore socio-economic sanity in the US, mass migration must be clamped down on.

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