Mitt Romney Sides With the Likes of Hillary Clinton and Mainstream Media, Says Trump is Acting “Undemocratically” and No “Plausible Case” of Voter Fraud

Willard “Mitt” Romney, also known as Pierre Delecto, has predictably failed to side with President Trump in his continuing battle over the Oval Office.

Mitt tweeted the following statement Thursday evening: “Having failed to make even a plausible case of widespread fraud or conspiracy before any court of law, the President has now resorted to overt pressure on state and local officials to subvert the will of the people and overturn the election. It is difficult to imagine a worse, more undemocratic action by a sitting American President.”

The charge is absurd on its face. How is exploring and utilizing all avenues of the law “undemocratic”? The “no evidence of voter fraud” line is also patently false. There is plenty of evidence staring us right in the face: not just the videos and stories out of ballot counting stations across the country, but statistical evidence like voter turnout percentage as well.

People like Mitt couch their opinion on the voter fraud allegations in terms of not being presented and argued in a court of law. It takes serious time to gather evidence and build up a case that can be argued beyond a reasonable doubt, and there are hard and fast deadlines in place for certifying votes and the convening of the Electoral College. To us average citizens, however, we have seen enough evidence of fishy or illegal behavior to make up our minds. If Joe Biden becomes president, he will not have done so fairly and squarely.

Big League Politics’ last article about Mitt was when he denounced Trump’s refusal to condemn QAnon. Hence this denouncement of Trump as “undemocratic” is simply par for the course.

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