Mitt Romney’s Utah Republican Approval Rating Plummeting as He Aides Trump Impeachment Farce

Mitt Romney is rapidly losing support from Utah Republicans, as the junior senator continues to flirt with the Democratic effort to impeach Trump by summoning left-wing witnesses for the upcoming yet doomed impeachment trial in the Senate.

Romney recently called for jilted neocon John Bolton to testify at the impeachment trial that began Thursday. Utah Republicans seem to have noticed, judging from new Morning Consult polling that shows the New Englander’s approval rating declining among the demographic from 65% to 57%.

The 65% rate was already low for a Republican senator in a conservative state, and the new polling shows that it might not be long before a majority of Romney’s own party disapproves of his job performance.

Perhaps fittingly, Romney’s polling has improved with Utah Democrats. 46% approve of the legacy Republican, whose feud with President Donald Trump is as lengthy as it as counterproductive and fruitless.

Utah voters won’t have a chance to select a new senator for Romney’s seat until 2024, an opportunity that gives the failed 2012 presidential candidate ample time to advance a globalist agenda in the Senate to the behest of his own voters.

Not only is Romney’s flirtation with Democratic impeachment proceedings deeply unpopular with his constituents; it’s also wholly pointless. There’s no chance that Democrats will secure the sixty-six votes needed to convict President Trump in the GOP-controlled upper chamber, even if liberal Republicans such as Romney go turncoat. Moderate Democrats such as Doug Jones have already expressed skepticism of impeachment, placing them to the right of Romney, at least in rhetorical terms.

Romney was elected in 2018 as something of a hometown hero, with his Mormon religion fueling his popularity in the western state thought of as the denomination’s capital. But merely sharing the religion of his constituents alone hasn’t proved enough to give him enduring popularity in the state, and at this pace, he may have to bow out of a potential reelection campaign in a manner similar to deposed Arizona Senator Jeff Flake.


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