Mo Brooks Calls for Opening Up The Economy and Ending Stimulus Welfare

On May 11, 2021, Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks released a statement condemning federal programs that are paying Americans more to stay on the government dole than to get back in the labor force. Brooks stated the following:

 In America, we believe in working for a living. No able-bodied working age person should be living off the hard work of others. Predictably, paying people more not to work than to work has created an unnecessary worker shortage. Joe Biden’s claim that the abysmal April unemployment report isn’t tied to paying people more not to work than to work is an affront to common sense. Employers and small business owners across America are closing or operating at reduced hours because they cannot afford to compete against the federal government’s increased unemployment payments. As I travel the state, I’ve seen examples on nearly every street corner of employers offering good jobs that they are unable to fill. I’m glad economically responsible states are wising up and ending the asinine policy of paying the takers more taxpayer money to stay home rather than work for a living.

Since the Wuhan virus pandemic broke out, state governments across the country imposed tough lockdowns that economically displaced millions of Americans. In response, the federal government enacted multiple stimulus bills, extended unemployment benefits, and approved emergency loans to small businesses in this time of government upheaval.

What may have been justified initially to get people back on their feet, the government’s injection of money now looks to be operating just like any other welfare program, which already have a proven track record of hurting numerous communities throughout American history by turning them into welfare cases. 

There are already stories of businesses like McDonald paying people to do interviews because they are having trouble getting back into the workforce, likely due to a significant number of people getting hooked on stimulus and unemployment benefits, along with others being spooked by the Wuhan virus. It’s high time that America fully reopen its economy and get able-bodied people back to work.

Brooks gets it. The Alabama Congressman is now running for the Alabama Senate and is the clear America First choice in that race based on his strong track record of being an immigration patriot. The Senate will need more leaders like Brooks to get America’s political house in order.

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