“Moderate” Democrat Mark Kelly Poised to Support Biggest Amnesty in History

One of the most vulnerable Senate Democrats in the 2022 midterms is poised to support what amounts to the largest amnesty of illegal immigrants in American history, while representing a state blighted by illegal immigration. Arizona Senator Mark Kelly has indicated he’s likely to support the second Build Back Better Act, which contains the largest immigration amnesty ever seen.

The Biden amnesty plan will provide legal residency to any illegal immigrant defined as an “essential worker,” essentially created a DACA program on steroids that will shield aliens from deportation. It’s thought the amnesty plan- which follows a series of failed attempts to pass even bigger amnesties with paths to citizenship for illegals- will provide immunity from US immigration law to approximately seven million people.

Such an amnesty is highly likely to draw even more illegal immigrants to the southern border, even though it only offers legal residency to those already in the United States. Amnesty programs serve as a pull factor in drawing even more illegals seeking legal residency and welfare benefits, a phenomenon that was observed as a result of Ronald Reagan’s 1986 amnesty. Biden broke the single-year record for illegal immigration at the southern border in fiscal year 2021.

Kelly is known as loathe to speak to the media, in similar fashion to fellow Arizona Democrat Kyrsten Sinema. With the public increasingly critical of Biden’s botched handling of the porous southern border, immigration could prove to be a potent issue of discussion in the state’s 2022 election. Kelly faces challenges from tech entrepreneur Blake Masters and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich.

Economists have pointed to mass illegal immigration as the defining factor behind the erosion of middle-class job prospects in border states such as Arizona and California, with construction sites in the state often exclusively staffed by illegal aliens who don’t speak English.

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