Montana’s Steve Daines Introduces Legislation to Extend Coronavirus Immigration Restrictions

Montana Senator Steve Daines is planning on introducing legislation to extend the duration of President Trump’s coronavirus immigration restriction executive order, according to new reporting from Fox News.

Daines is expecting to garner support from other Republican senators on the immigration restriction proposal, and the White House has been brought into the discussion on the matter. President Trump has previously referenced the possibility that the immigration restrictions, enacted on April 22nd, could be extended past their planned expiration date in June in order to put American workers first in the recovery from the coronavirus recession.

The restrictions enacted by Trump were billed as a full immigration moratorium, but liberals within the administration proved successful in watering down the restrictions to a suspension of green cards for tentative immigrants outside of the country.

In a statement on the legislation, Daines said he was “proud to back President Trump and his efforts to put the American worker first as we begin to safely reopen the economy and support those who lost their jobs because of the coronavirus pandemic.” He aims to secure an “advantage to fill necessary jobs” for American workers with the legislation.

There’s word that the limited set of immigration restrictions could be broadened in order to facilitate economic mobility. The restrictions could be expanded to cover the H1B cheap labor visa program, a tool commonly used by big businesses to undercut American workers through an employer-tethered visa program that resembles indentured servitude. The White House is currently reviewing the program and denying H1b applications at unprecedented rates, suggesting the President might be inclined to suspend the program alltogether in the name of American economy recovery.

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