Montgomery County, Md. Targets Toddlers with Anti-White Propaganda: ‘They’re Not Too Young to Talk about Race’

Public school officials in Montgomery County, Md. are targeting toddlers with anti-white propaganda to turn them into social justice advocates who hate their nation, their family, their ancestors, and their own skin color in many cases.

Podcaster Jack Murphy exposed the devious plans of these government indoctrinators in an alarming Twitter post:

Murphy took note of the contradictory propaganda that is meant to left children bewildered and more easy to manipulate by the left-wing thought controllers:

Collective guilt and subjugation are part and parcel of this ideology being drilled into the minds of precocious children:

Murphy posted the full slide show containing Marxist propaganda designed to humiliate and demoralize the youth of America:

He made additional points to illustrate just how evil and subversive this anti-white propaganda is:

The propaganda found in this anti-white brainwashing course for toddlers is similar to the doctrine of critical race theory, which was banned on a federal level by former President Donald Trump.

Big League Politics reported on Trump’s banning of anti-white indoctrination after he made the announcement last year:

Weeks after banning the use of hateful critical race theory indoctrination sessions among federal agencies, President Donald Trump is expanding the CRT ban to companies that receive lucrative federal government contracts.

The President announced he is expanding the ban to cover private government contractors in a series of Tuesday tweets.

The ban on governmental contractors will doubtlessly instill panic in the CEO’s of powerful Fortune 500 companies, who love to tout their supposed virtue by staging race-based trainings on their often unwilling employees. Many of these companies are largely dependent on payments from the United States government, despite masquerading as a “free enterprise.”

The President’s executive order on the matter refutes the liberal identity-politics doctrine alleging that some people are inherently oppressive or evil on the basis of their race.

The ban’s coverage of contractors that do business with the United States military may be the most significant. Organizations such as Sandia National Laboratories, which is a longstanding federal nuclear research institutions, were busted staging hateful “trainings” in which white male employees were coerced into repeating progressive and BLM-style drivel.

Christopher Rufo, whose reporting may have been essential in bringing hateful CRT trainings to President Trump’s attention, has obtained a copy of the executive order banning its practitioners from receiving government contracts. View it here.

With President Trump out of office, the far-left Marxists will have free reign to warp young minds with this insidious anti-American propaganda.

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