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More Bored ‘First Responders’ Dance for Social Media with Hospitals Empty and No Work to Do

This is another sign that the coronavirus pandemic is being overhyped.



Big League Politics has reported on the phenomenon of so-called “first responders” in hospitals twerking, performing coordinated dance routines, and producing social media content while on the job during the coronavirus pandemic.

While wall-to-wall propaganda constantly deifies health care professionals as committing some kind of heroic sacrifice, the scenes inside of hospitals nationwide show them bored and having no work to do as hospitals lay off employees nationwide.

With the doomsday predictions from the globalist “experts” now proven to be false, medical workers have a great deal of free time on their hands as they sit around in empty hospitals. A new crop of videos have emerged of first responders getting creative to fight the boredom with the coronavirus pandemic not living up to the hype.

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A diverse group of ladies decided to get their twerk on while cleaning down some medical equipment:

One first responder, desperate for the male gaze, performed a sexualized pole dance in a mask for some TikTok clicks:

Other health care workers recreated a scene from the movie Titanic to impress onlookers on social media:

The COVID tents are such a ghost town that the medical workers have time to do a little dance routine:

Two “queer” nurses performed a particularly flamboyant and revolting dance while completely ignoring social distancing guidelines:

Some other health care professionals brought a latin flavor to their TikiTok dance video:

Other medical workers played dress up and did a fashion show of sorts while masquerading as the virus:

A couple of women did a mock-parkour routine in the hospital, rubbing themselves all over the germ-infested hospital facility to get clicks on social media:

Some narcissistic and blasphemous “First Responders” actually had the nerve to compare themselves to Jesus and his disciples and spoof Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper:

The extreme tone-deaf narcissism of these “first responders” drives a stake through the heart of the establishment’s fear narrative. It is time to get America back to work so medical personnel will have something to do during the work day besides whore themselves for social media adulation.


Southwest Airlines Kicks Trump Supporter Off Flight for Not Wearing Trump 2020 Mask While Eating



Smartphone video shows a Southwest Airlines flight attendant confronting and kicking a Trump supporter off the flight for not wearing his mask while eating peanuts.

KrisAnne Hall, a conservative activist and lawyer, filmed and uploaded the footage to her YouTube channel, which you can watch below:

Hall wrote the following in the video description:

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It was his first flight on Southwest ever. It was his first flight since COVID. He was eating and drinking coffee. They said he was being kicked off for not wearing his mask- but he was eating. They refused to answer my questions about their policy. These Southwest employees violated policy to remove our friend from the plane and there was no other reason than they didn’t like his Trump wear.

Philip Ndifon was the man’s name and he appeared to have been traveling with Hall. Hall told Newsweek that “the attendant seemed to single Philip out from the moment we boarded.”

It’s outrageous no matter how you slice it. Either the Southwest crew was strictly enforcing the advice of California governor Gavin Newsom’s office to put your mask back on in between bites, or they just couldn’t stand having someone with a Trump 2020 mask and “Black Voices for Trump” hat on their flight and were looking for the slightest pretext to boot him off.

I’m not giving Southwest Airlines my business ever again.

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