More Censorship: Controversial Right-Wing YouTuber Nick Fuentes is Booted From Platform, Even Ben Shapiro Says It’s Too Far

Controversial right-wing Youtube personality Nick Fuentes has been booted from the Google-owned platform, as they continue to ramp up their campaign of Orwellian censorship.

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting hate speech,” they announced at the link of Fuentes’ former channel.

Fuentes has come to prominence in recent months as his fans have frequently asked pointed questions toward conservatives like TPUSA Founder Charlie Kirk, Congressman Dan Crenshaw, and “Never Trump” leader Ben Shapiro who they feel are insufficiently right-wing. This has caused Fuentes to receive increased mainstream scrutiny, with many of his critics alleging he is a Holocaust denier, a charge that he vehemently denies.

Others who have been banished from popular social media platforms are speaking out on Fuentes’ behalf.

“Nick Fuentes has been banned from YouTube,” journalist and Congressional candidate Laura Loomer wrote on her Telegram account. “Not good. Censorship is getting out of control. He shouldn’t have been silenced.”

“The government hasn’t done a damn thing about censorship of conservatives online. Zero. The “conservative billionaires” have done less than zero,” noted Jacob Wohl.

“Reminder: “Hate speech” means being funny and popular while Right-wing,” banished provocateur Milo Yiannopolous wrote on Telegram.

“I would not be surprised if Michelle Malkin starts losing her accounts soon. Facebook’s rationale for nuking me was my support for Tommy Robinson, and she’s gone way further than that,” Yiannopolous added.

Malkin, who will be appearing alongside Fuentes at the America First Political Action Conference in Washington D.C. later this month, denounced YouTube in a post, also assigning the blame to “Conservative Inc.” voices for agitating against Fuentes.

Even Shapiro, who has a public feud with Fuentes, has come out against his censorship by YouTube.

Other prominent right-wing voices have voiced opposition to YouTube’s censorship of Fuentes as well:

YouTube’s parent company Google has been exposed for using their immense monopoly power to punish their political opponents, with a focus on manipulating the outcome of the election in November.

An insider leaked explosive documents to Project Veritas exposing Google’s illicit scheming last year.

The Big Brother crackdown against right-wing speech will only continue to intensify from Silicon Valley in the months to come.

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