MORE CENSORSHIP: Stephan Molyneux Gets Kicked Off Youtube

On June 29, 2020 YouTube banned prominent Dissident Right figures such as Stefan Molyneux and the website American Renaissance from YouTube.

BLP previously reported on the suspension of conservative commentator Gavin McInnes from YouTube, which served as a harbinger of the purges to come.

Molyneux, a Canadian YouTuber known for his work questioning mass migration and political correctness, tweeted, “Please friends – help me to raise awareness of the sudden suspension of my YouTube channel of 14 years – please politely tag @TeamYouTube to help correct this egregious error.”

The YouTuber then appealed his suspension from YouTube, He commented:

@TeamYouTube My channel – active without problems since 2006 – was just terminated without any prior warnings. I had almost 1 million subscribers, over 250,000,000 views, and have consistently advocated for peace and reason in the resolution of social conflicts. Please review.”


In a report, The Verge claimed that “the channels repeatedly violated YouTube’s policies, a YouTube spokesperson said, by alleging that members of protected groups were inferior. These come alongside other violations that led to YouTube taking action.”

“We have strict policies prohibiting hate speech on YouTube, and terminate any channel that repeatedly or egregiously violates those policies,” a YouTube spokesperson informed The Verge. “After updating our guidelines to better address supremacist content, we saw a 5x spike in video removals and have terminated over 25,000 channels for violating our hate speech policies.”

These days so-called “hate speech” consists of asking uncomfortable questions about immigration, race relations, and public policy that undermines the Historic American Nation.

This purge is only the beginning. More figures and websites that question the holy sacraments of America’s globalist region will likely be completely shut out of public discourse.

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