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More Hollywood Sickos Exposed For Their Disgusting Sexual Thoughts About Children



Several tweets have come to light from comedian Michael Ian Black that are very similar to James Gunn’s recent “jokes” about rape, pedophilia and child molestation.

This recent trend of digging up tweets from celebrity accounts has revealed something much darker about Hollywood, and society as a whole. When you’re able to dig up not just one, but literally hundreds of tweets that all mention explicit sexual fantasies, or in some cases actual sexual acts with children–what’s truly uncovered is a depraved interest in pedophilia. Call it a joke, wrap it up in a bow, put lipstick on a pig–but when jokes about raping children are your “go-to” punchline, it raises a few eyebrows.

As one of Hollywood’s most outspoken critics of President Donald Trump, Michael Ian Black continues to push the idea that the NRA is little more than a terrorist organization, and uses Twitter to harasses Dana Loesch, spokesperson for the National Rifle Association.

Black, a self-proclaimed feminist, has taken to twitter to express some of his twisted sexual thoughts, attempting to pass them off as comedy. The tweets that resurfaced this week were filled with sexual innuendos about children that only those with an interest in the sick act of pedophilia would relate to, and even pedophiles probably don’t consider Black’s words as actual comedy.

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Michael Ian Black also authored a book titled, “Naked!”, which a Simon & Schuster review for Books for Young Readers describes as: “A hilarious new book about a boy who refuses to wear clothes…the antics of an adorable little boy who just doesn’t want to get dressed…After his bath, the little boy begins his hilarious dash around the house…in the buff! Being naked is great. Running around, sliding down the stairs, eating cookies. Nothing could be better. Unless he had a cape…”

That seems normal. <<insert eye roll here>>

The 46-year-old’s tweets emerged on the wake of “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn’s similar style of “comedy” using social media to describe his fantasies of performing sexual acts with children. Exposure of Gunn’s past tweets gained him national attention and resulted in him beingĀ fired from Walt Disney Studios on Friday.

Sick tweets from Gunn including one that read, “The best thing about being raped is when you’re done being raped it’s like ‘Whew, this feels great, not being raped!'”

Other tweets authored by Gunn that he has since deleted also mentioned sexual acts with children, people who have AIDS, and a few that mentioned urinating on children.

See James Gunn’s sick tweets here.

Some of Black’s more twisted tweets about children include:

“My day so far: Mini Wheats, writing, quick baby f*ck, more writing, picked up kids from school.”

“Idea: sell little containers of jizz as boy caviar.”

“I’m trying to get in touch with my inner child molester”

“Some lady just changed her baby boy’s diaper right in[of] front if everybody at the gate. Unimpressive penis.”

“Hosting a bunch of eleven-year-old girls for a sleepover tonight. Terrified their parents will find out.”

“I don’t like watching ‘iCarly’ with my daughter because there is nobody on that show that I want to molest.”

The former Reno 911 actor wrote, “There’s nothing to defend,” in response to David Greenwald calling for Black’s fans to defend Black’s “jokes”.

Another “comedian”, Anthony Jeselnik, has also had some of his tweets resurface, and they are strikingly similar to both Black’s and Gunn’s in context.

Some of the tweets that Jeselnik wanted to be sure to share with the world include gems such as:

“The best way to explain the Elmo scandal to kids? After f*cking them.”

“I want to have sex with you, baby. But if you don’t want me to have sex with you, baby, too bad ’cause you’re just a baby.”

“JonBenet Ramsey would have turned 23 years old today, if she hadn’t been so pretty.”

Sarah Silverman has even made “jokes” in the past about child molestation:

As for these disgustingly depraved tweets, once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a habit–so what if there are dozens, or in James Gunn’s case hundreds of sexually explicit “jokes” about children?

We’re supposed to ignore them all? Write them all off as jokes written in poor taste? What access do the authors of such tweets have to small children? Are we supposed to consider this sexualization of children as normal?

These are all published thoughts, can you imagine the thoughts in their heads that don’t get published??

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